• Do you have lots of real world business experience, but you need some guidance and advice to get
    your business online?
  • Is your marketing strategy not getting you the results you need?
  • Does the tech overwhelm you? 
  • Are you lost when it comes to figuring out how to grow your business?

We help people from all walks of life discover the path to creating their new online business.
Everything my team and I teach you has been used to launch and grow our online
businesses. It will work for you too.


We're proudly supported by the Try, Test and Learn Fundan initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services.



After working with people from all walks of life and all abilities, I discovered a few problems that explain why we cater for people who have different requirements for what “work” they do.

  • There's no one size fits all approach to earning an income
  • A traditional “9 to 5” job doesn't fit everyone
  • People over 50 who are unemployed have a rich history but they have trouble finding a job
  • Carers hold a special place in the family and community and they need a lot of flexibility.

I'm Trudy Rankin, the creator of Online Business Lift-off…

I created Online Business Lift-off. It's the only place designed for people of all ages and abilities to come together to learn how to create an online business.

We specialise in helping people like you learn and master the skills needed to create an business… even if you're a total beginner. We take you from idea to building a business that's based on your strengths, values and your life experience. 

Online Business Lift-off is also for you if you’re already an experienced entrepreneur wanting to go from offline to online.






Online Business Lift-off is a self-paced, 12 week, in-person and video-based program that teaches people how to create an online business from scratch. No experience necessary.

It doesn’t matter where you see yourself… 

…. maybe you're brand new to business or perhaps you already have a business and you’re ready to grow.

Whatever the case, OBL will challenge you to create and implement everything you learn quickly. 

The only requirement for membership is a desire to grow your online business.

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From banking to business beginner success.

Rod took what he knew from 20 years in finance, banking and parenting young people with disabilities to creating a new business. Since starting with OBL in September 2019, Rod has swapped his old income level and old banking life for a new future growing his business as a disability plan manager. “I knew how I wanted to run my business and how to deliver the best service for my clients, but I had little idea how to get the business up and running to a point where I could get the clients! Between setting up a website, SEO tools and social media, saying what you really mean through good copywriting, and asking the right questions to speak to a target audience, these are things that I knew needed to be done but were definitely in the ‘too hard basket’ until OBL.

Rod McNeill

Founder, One Time Plan Services

how does the program work?

Everything at OBL is online. There’s no travel, no traffic, no hassles.

And the best bit? Learning is at your own pace.

Everything you need to complete the program is provided for you in our private membership area. You’ll also have access to a private forum where you can ask questions, get feedback and connect with other participants all online. 

Creating an online business can be confusing and downright overwhelming. We get it. That's why the entire OBL team also runs their own online business.

Each week you’ll receive a new video training module. We provide in-person small group coaching sessions that are in addition to the twelve weeks of video lessons. These sessions are designed so that you can join in each week and  have our coaches answer questions, offer advice and guidance and help you to keep taking action and moving forward. 

Our private OBL community is part of your membership. It's a place to connect with fellow participants in familiar environment. 

For more information about Online Business Lift-off and to preview our course details, jump to the program page here.

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We support you through the learning process

Setting up your own online business isn't easy – that's why we make sure you have plenty of support and mentoring when you need it.

Find & Validate An Online Business Idea

Learn how to reliably generate online business ideas that solve real problems – problems that you care about – and problems that others will pay you to fix.

Get Your Website & Other Tech Sorted

No need to be afraid! We help you get your website, email list and other online technology set up. We teach you how to look after them and get them working for you.

Learn Useful New Skills

Pick up the basic skills you need to start and grow your online business. You'll get personalised attention and coaching when you need it.

Get Community & Expert Support

We're here to help you, so ask lots of questions. Get answers from our experts, and be part of a supportive online community where you can help others too.

Help Others With Your New Skills

Highlight your new online business skills in your CV and other places. If an online business isn't for you, you can always use your new skills to help someone else!
Before I joined the OBL program I was caring full time for my daughter but wanting to contribute more to my community and my family.

OBL has flexible learning. The team understands ‘carer life' and the need to wear many hats so all sessions are recorded to enable participants to revisit the learning. The team made it easy and learning from home was terrific. I highly recommend the OBL program to carers who have an idea for a business that is wanting to hatch. They will learn an extraordinary amount about the online business world in such a gentle and supported way. They will also learn about themselves and be encouraged to be all they can be. 


Shelley Haysom-Brown

Founder, Sage Carer Support Services

when can i start?


We'd love you to join our Membership and our Community.

Our Membership allows you to start anytime and go at your own pace
over the course of a year or join others who finish the training in 12 weeks.

As long as you remain a member, you can retake OBL at any time and
make even more progress on your dream online business.



Online Business Lift-Off is the most incredible opportunity to develop and grow my business. The sense of team and belonging is highly evident through the support, even though what we are doing is an online course. OBL has shone a light on a dream that seemed unattainable alone. Thank you Trudy for your vision and your awesome team for making the impossible, possible!

Melt Me Chocolates


Study When It Suits You

Everyone’s timetables are different – You may only have evenings free, you might be working split shifts, or simply don’t have full days off. With the Online Business Lift-Off program, you can learn what you need as you need it, from wherever works for you.

Modern Tools & Courses

We teach you the tools that we think will help you the most, for people who are starting their online business for the first time. And we practice what we preach! We use these tools ourselves to create, build and grow our own portfolio of online businesses.

A Team Who Cares

We’re passionate about creating opportunities for a better life. Everyone is welcome – our speciality is working with people who struggle with traditional 9 to 5 jobs. And we’ve been blown away – there are some amazing success stories so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very good with computers. Can I still take part in the Online Business Lift-Off Program?

Yes. You don't need to be tech-savvy in order to create your own online business.  You DO have to be comfortable with using the internet, though. If you can do Facebook, you can do online business.

What kind of tools do I need to get started?

You are going to need an internet connection or some way to regularly access the internet. You will also need a desktop computer or a laptop. It may be possible to use a tablet in the future, but for now it's best to have a desktop computer or a laptop.

Can I use my phone's internet connection instead of a laptop?

It is possible to use your phone's data plan to give yourself an internet connection. However, it's not advisable unless you have a cheap, "all you can eat" data plan. It may be a very expensive way to access all the software tools you will be using to build your online business. It is recommended to have access to a desktop computer or laptop instead.

What if I just want some help with finding an idea, instead of doing the full program?

If you want to get going right now, you can purchase the Online Business Ignition course, which teaches you how to find and validate an online business idea. The 8 short modules will get you started ....

What if I live in a different time zone?

The great thing about the internet is that you can take our courses at times that suit you.  We want everyone to succeed, and we'll do our best to make sure we help you with any questions as quickly as possible.

What if I already have an idea? Would I be wasting my money doing the course?

That's exciting that you already have an idea for an online business!  Doing the Online Business Lift-Off Program is going to help you validate your idea and actually turn it into reality. More importantly, you'll have our expert guidance and support, which results in fewer unnecessary mistakes and dead ends. In the end, we hope to save you time, money and energy in the long-run.


We're proudly supported by the Try, Test and Learn Fund — an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services.