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Getting started by nailing that big idea – it's one of the hardest parts.

Finding and validating your business idea is just one of the reasons I created Online Business Lift-off (OBL). It’s a step-by-step coaching program on how to kickstart online business, attract quality prospects and clients and confidently deliver great work.

Ever wonder why some people are flooded with ideas while others stay trapped in ‘dream big’ mode? Why some people just get on with it and are making headway (even during tough times) while others constantly worry about where their next idea or customer will come from? 

I remember when I first launched into online business. I got sucked into that “download-and-buy-all-the-things-spiral-of-overwhelm.” I took course after course. Read book after book. One day a successful online business friend stopped me in my tracks when she said…“Trudy, do you realise you’re learning all this stuff …. but do you want information or do you want to actually work?”

She was right. I'd spent an entire year learning everything I could about online business and practicing alone at the kitchen table! But I was still completely lost as to how to land paying clients. I had plenty of questions …

  • What should I be creating?
  • How do I create my business when I’ve never had a client before?
  • How do I even know what a GOOD _______ (fill in blank) looks like?
  • What would I charge? How do I collect the money?
  • What if someone says ‘yes’ and I’m in over my head?

What if my copy doesn’t perform? And a hundred more unanswered questions standing in the way of creating escape towards the online business you're yearning for.

When I looked for help, it seemed like there were hundreds of programs out there designed to help existing, established businesses . . .

But none of them were for new online business owners looking to prove the model and simply get paid for their skills and effort. I didn’t need help scaling a great big corporation… I just need help getting STARTED with those first few clients. I needed expert guidance, and a proven plan to help me kickstart a sustainable online business.

I also knew I couldn’t do any of this out on my own (without it taking forever). And I needed a SYSTEM to help me understand the tech, the writing and all the other pieces of the puzzle like finding customers and get paid. I wanted a system that would help not hinder me.


That’s exactly why I created the

Online Business Lift-off Membership Program

​To give budding entrepreneurs a clear roadmap for building confidence in their skills and launch a business from scratch. 

To give them a “frictionless” path to starting their business, getting customers and most of all, to do work they love.

To give them the tools they need to manage their website and deliver great work like a pro. And to give them a guide and fellow travellers who’ve been ‘in the trenches’ for a while to show them the way… Someone to have their back and hold them accountable when imposter syndrome threatens to trample them or they run into the kind of obstacles that will slow them down.

Rod McNeill

OnTime Plan Services

“I knew how I wanted to run my business and how to deliver the best service for my clients, but I had little idea how to get the business up and running to a point where I could get the clients! Between setting up a website, SEO tools and social media, saying what you really mean through good copywriting, and asking the right questions to speak to a target audience, these are things that I knew needed to be done but were definitely in the ‘too hard basket’ …

until OBL.”

Online Business Lift-off is designed to let you “lean on” our

hard-won skills and confidence. You're never alone.

What you'll learn in OBL is what's actually worked for me, my team and the other students inside the community. We help take the guess work out of knowing what to do next: from idea to published website and beyond. You don't need to feel like you're “winging it” ever again. We’ve all followed the same clear path to launching and growing successful online businesses. And now you can too.

Join me and a hand-picked, select group of budding online entrepreneurs as we publicly open the door to Online Business Lift-off for the first time.

How does Online Business Lift-off work?

Everything at OBL is online. No travel. No dressing up. And the best bit? Learning is at your own pace.

Everything you need to complete the program is provided for you in our private membership area. You’ll also have access to a private forum where you can ask questions, get feedback and connect with other participants all online.

Creating an online business can be confusing and downright overwhelming. We get it. That's why the entire OBL team also run their own online business.

Each of the videos training modules are released weekly. In addition to the the twelve weeks of video lessons, we provide in-person small group coaching sessions. These sessions are designed for you to have our coaches answer questions, offer advice and guidance and help you to keep taking action and moving forward.

The private OBL community is part of your membership. It's a place to connect with fellow participants in the familiar Facebook environment.

For more information about Online Business Lift-off and to preview our course details, jump to the program page here.

OBL Membership includes….


Full Year (365 Days) of access to the OBL Membership forum, Special Offers, and our Exclusive Community Forum


50+ Proven Frameworks and Trainings delivered by industry experts


Access to our Training Dashboard that will guide you through ALL the trainings in an easy-to-use, go at your own pace format… including the tech!


Real-time critiques and live calls where you can have your webpage or email or whatever reviewed and get market-tested insights on what to tweak and where to tweak


Business Owner “Safe Zone” where you can discuss and get insights into your business that completely private


Scattered throughout the week we have regular coaching sessions where you can bring your wins, challenges and questions to the coaching team.


Learn how to instantly create your content to feel more fresh, fun and creative no matter what you're writing


Our monthly Masterclasses presented by industry experts show you how to create your new biz with speed & originality


Create connections with leaders in a variety of industries in ways not possible on social media


You can revisit and review the training materials any time. Remember, building a business that matters is not linear event. You can go back again and again to any subject.

Gennine Masters

Online Business Owner

You’re always wanting the best for each other because we’re all on the same path of wanting a thriving business. And I think that’s really awesome. And it’s just, this course has helped me so much. I’ve always wanted to do something along these lines, but this course really just has inspired me and brought out my creative side and I’m enjoying that. And this is the thing, without the OBL it would have been a longer journey and it would have been a harder journey. You guys have made it possible.

By the end of this 12-week foundational coaching program,

you’ll go from idea to launch . . .

Finding & Validating an Idea

We start at the beginning and take you on the journey to finding and validating your idea.

What are Funnels?

A sales or marketing funnel sounds complicated but we break down what you need to know.

Introduction to Websites

Creating a website sounds scary but there's a process and system. We'll show you how.

Learning the Tech

The Online world is really just a technical bubble. You'll learn how to understand all of it.

Create You Online Home

Your address on the internet needs a few main things. We help you to keep it simple.

Email Lists

Learn about the best way to create raving fans, keeping them interested and close.
Understanding the Customer

Really understanding your customer is key to any business success. We'll show you how.

Social Media

Social Media can be confusing and overwhelming. We'll help make it less so.

Copywriting for the Internet

Writing for the internet is different to writing for other mediums. We break down how to do it.

Creating Content

Creating content is an ongoing process. We'll help you discover what works best for your business.

Content Planning

Learn about the audience change journey and create your plan to keep on top of the creation process.

Analytics and Search

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. Analytics is the way you keep track and optimise.

“Online Business Lift-Off is the most incredible opportunity to develop and grow my business. The sense of team and belonging is highly evident through the support, even though what we are doing is an online course. OBL has shone a light on a dream that seemed unattainable alone. Thank you Trudy for your vision and your awesome team for making the impossible, possible!”

Marnie – Melt Me Chocolates

“The OBL team are a very knowledgeable group of people, ably led by Trudy. All my dealings with the team have been online, but it was obvious to me that the instructors were very experienced in running their own online businesses. They are very clear when setting the pace for participants to go through all the teaching material but are also very understanding of why some participants may be lagging behind. I tried to participate on a regular basis as best I could by making sure I made the weekly Small Group Coaching sessions. These were very helpful to stay in touch, to be reminded of what still needed to be done, and to hear how other participants were faring.

Hans Van Weerd


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