Have you ever looked at the things in your life, or seen the people around you struggle with everyday things and thought … “someone should come up with a solution to that!”

 There are many routine challenges and everyday tasks that influence the ideas behind some of the businesses set up through the Online Business Lift-Off (OBL) Program. 

 OBL offers you the chance to set up your very own online business based on any idea important to you. Here are the top 5 things our program can help you achieve!

 The Online Business Liftoff program helps you to:

 1. Come up with a business idea that fits your strengths, your life experience, personality and passion.

 OBL runs for 12 weeks, and the first part of that program involves coming up with an idea that helps you help others. We host face-to-face workshops to help you generate ideas – based on your experience, interests and strengths. We guide you through a brainstorming questionnaire that will help you come up with the idea that suits you.

 2. Refine and validate an idea you already have.

 Coming into the program with an idea or something you want to explore is also a great way to start. We’ll help you refine and validate your idea through research and discussion. Asking questions around your idea will help you flesh out what you are trying to achieve. One of our past participants, Rod McNeill, set up a plan management business for NDIS clients … an idea he had based on his own experiences and of then wanting to make the experience better for others. You can check out Rod’s business here.

 3. Set up your online business.

 There’s so much to know and learn about running an online business! From getting your website setup, building email lists, to managing your customers and communicating online – we help you do the hard stuff. We help you through all the setup, so you can do it once and do it right. Each week we focus on a different learning module to ensure by the end of the course you have an online business setup and ready to go.

 4. Discover how to really understand your customer base.

 It’s always exciting putting together the pieces around a new business idea! The OBL process helps you work out who your customers are, how you will deliver your product or service to them, and what the best channels are to reach them. One of our participants works within the Greek community assisting older people who prefer to speak their native language. Sure, there are plenty of services out there for aging people… but they rarely do they offer bi-lingual services!

 5. Save you time, money and energy in the long-run.

 Our step-by-step approach in getting you set up ensures you don’t miss the crucial stages when it comes to the online world. 

 Each module over the 12 weeks is drip-fed so that you can only move to your next module if you’ve finished the exercises from the one before. The program is done predominantly online and you can move through the classes at your own pace. We’ve got comprehensive forums to keep you up to date.

So there you have it5 awesome things the Online Business Lift-Off Program can help you achieve! 

We make sure that we’re setting you up for success, so you can run your business on your terms.

We will support and guide your business ideas and help them become a reality.

If you’d like to know more about the Online Business Lift-Off Program, or want to see if you’re eligible for our next cohort, head to our Are You Ready quiz today!

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