How to come up with a business idea

At Online Business Lift-Off (OBL), we’re passionate about helping people create opportunities in their life. We love to help those who can’t work a traditional “9 to 5” job. Over the course of 12-weeks, our Online Business Lift-Off program will help you find and validate a business idea, get your technology set up and get people coming to you for help with their problems. 

But how do we actually help you come up with a business idea? 

The OBL course is completely online. We start off by helping you explore what sort of meaningful business would work for you. Everyone is inherently different. We all have different passions, different skillsets and come from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances. At the beginning of the OBL program, we ask you a series of questions to stimulate your thinking around problems you could help solve.

Some of these questions could include:

What do your family and friends always ask you to do?

This could range from health advice, relationship advice or even technology problems… a number of participants have found meaningful business ideas have stemmed from this question.

Name one big hardship you've had to live through.

Describing a hard, painful or difficult life experience can be a little difficult – but highlighting a specific past experience like this can help identify a better way of navigating similar experiences for others. Think of it like an opportunity for you to help others based on what they have experienced.

What's your personality like?

Understanding what your personality is like can unlock important insights and highlight a variety of things you’re good at. A good place to start is to find out which personality groups or categories best represent you.

What is your passion?

Identifying what you’re passionate about and what gets you going can be really helpful. When you know this, you can ask yourself what you truly like about it and look at building the business idea out from there. For example, if you’re passionate about healthy living and are constantly looking for new recipe ideas and food trends, you could look to start a blog or coaching business with your expertise… we help show you the opportunities are endless!

We keep our questions diverse, as they encourage thinking from a variety of different angles, so you can have a consistent flow of ideas. This is all part of stimulating the “ideas centre” in your brain – and the best part….  by reading this blog you’ve already taken the first step by reading about making a positive change!

You might’ve also found yourself answering some of the questions above, and seeing that there are problems you can help solve.

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If you'd like to take things slowly you can also do our $47 quick course called Online Business Ignition (OBI). 

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