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Knowing who you really are can define the sort of business you start.


Paying attention will bring clarity to your ideas, decisions and ultimately to your online business.

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These days we’re all bombarded with thousands of messages every single day.

That’s true for you and it’s also true for the people who are your prospective customers.

One of the biggest concerns a lot of business owners (new and established) have is worrying about how they’re going to stand out from everyone else on the internet. 

The answer lies in this little equation y+t=b

You + Them = Biz

Everything you’ve done in your life is unique to you. Sure, you could have been a chef with umpteen other chefs in your locale…. But only you have the specific personality and skills to bring your brand of YOU to the attention of people looking for great food.

In the quick guide and worksheet (we can send straight to your inbox) you can work your way through the five columns or areas relevant to you. Just by thinking about and focusing for 5-10 mins on this short exercise, you’ll quickly discover how to position yourself, your business and your marketing.

The answers might surprise you.

So how do you stand out and grab the attention of people you want to serve online?

By having a clearly defined idea

When you have your niche and your life experience operating in unison, you’re able to break through all the noise so that you:

  • Speak directly to and grab the attention of your ideal prospects and clients
  • Set yourself apart from your competition 
  • Be positioned as a trusted authority in your industry

By getting clear on your business and being able to say it with authority means you can answer the one question that everyone has when they see your business online or in real life. 

When buying anything (anywhere), everyone wants the answer to this question:

Why should I buy from you?

If you can’t answer that question quickly and with confidence, the goldfish effect 🐠 demands that your prospects quickly forget about you and swim on bye! 


No matter what your business is, there is a way to stand out and grab your audience’s attention — a way to position yourself as an authority in any industry


Defining your niche gives everyone clarity


In this article, your ‘idea’, your ‘niche’ and your ‘market’ can be considered interchangeable.


More specifically, your niche is a segment of the market that you’re focusing your business around. 

When it comes to your idea or your niche (market), specificity is key. The more specific you can get, the better!

And it’s your niche that demonstrates your authority.

Here are a few examples of a niche or a market segment

Example of a bad niche

A personal trainer who helps their clients lose weight and live more active lifestyles.

This niche is too broad and won’t grab the attention of prospective clients.

specific niches or business ideas

☞ A former Australian Army physical trainer who helps injured and disabled ex-soldiers regain their fitness, lose weight and create a new lifestyle

☞ A chef who teaches cooking skills to young people under 30 who are in the special needs and Aspergers communities

☞ A landscape designer who works with over 50s communities to create sustainable  community gardens 

These niches are much more likely to grab the attention of a prospective customer because they speak directly to their prospective customers and they address a specific need

There’s one more way to think about your niche

Your Unique Selling Position.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this a while, knowing and owning your Unique Selling Position is invaluable. 

Your USP can be about you, your business or even a new product you’d like to bring to the market.

You’re probably really great at what you do…. But the key here is to be able to demonstrate something that differentiates you from the competition. Something unique.

By downloading and using the PDF and worksheet <here> you can quickly and easily discover those three things that will strategically guide and focus your attention on where your marketing and content to position yourself as an authority.

Here's How To

Discover Your Niche

Use the worksheet TO

brainstorm your:



Hard things



1. Identify Your Superpower

Your business is closely aligned with your personal strengths or your superpower. 

Your superpower is a big part of what makes you unique and a big reason why people will want to buy from you. 

What are you great at? What comes with ease? What do people compliment you on? 

And importantly…

What do you do better than others

2. What are you an expert in?

Your expertise doesn’t have to be in your professional life. It could be a hobby or a life-long pursuit like chess! 

What are you experienced in? Paid or unpaid it doesn’t matter.

3. Hard Things

What are the things that you’ve done or experienced in your life that were hard? Things that changed you and made you who you are today. Think of anything big or small, work or personal. It doesn’t matter what it is.

4. Identify Your Passion

Your passions are a big part of what makes you unique and a big reason why people will want to buy from you. 

Go back to when you started your business and think about why you chose the business that you did? 

5. Identify Your Speciality

What’s special about you? What’s an area that you’ve focused on in your life? 

Your speciality can come from your personal life or your professional or working life. It doesn’t matter which area of your life it comes from. If it makes you stand out and you’re confident in your knowledge or skills in that speciality area then jot it down.


bringing it all together

now you can position yourself as a trusted authority.
From the list you just came up with, you will find some areas that overlap with each other.

The overlaps are your sweet spotsThey’re what you’re looking for. And they’re what your ideal prospect or client is looking for as well. 

Your leadership or authority in this area is why they will choose you.

And that my friend is is how you can and should position yourself as a trusted authority.