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How to start a business you’re passionate about

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How to start a business you're passionate about


As an architectural drafter “on the drawing board”, artist Lana Levi took her drawing skills, her love of art, and a leap of faith to start a business she is passionate about – and she did it all as a single mother of 7 children. 


How did she do it? 


HOT TIP: She played to her strengths and upskilled to do what she loved. 


In this blog, you’ll learn how to start a business you're passionate about.



Building a business you’re passionate about


Levi says she always wanted to be an artist and after completing an interior design course, she settled on architectural drafting as a career and then a contract business while her children were growing up.


However, after years “on the drawing board”, Lana was tired of the black and white lines, and longed to draw curves and have colour in her life.


When she realised her kids would one day grow up and leave home – she decided to retrain in art and started with short courses at TAFE and then completed an art degree.


The big key takeaway is to always be learning and growing in your chosen field. If you love something and you can see that it would be a great business venture, make it your priority to never stop learning about that area.


Your number one goal is to stand out and be the leader in your industry – and upskilling is one of the most important success factors.



Top 5 skills you need to run your business


FAST FACT: Everyday skills you use to get through your job and life can transfer to your business. The hot tip is not to waste the skills you have! Instead get ready to use them to start a business you’re passionate about!


The top 5 everyday life skills you can transfer to your new business:


  1. Dedication to your craft: When you are dedicated to your chosen craft, you will always want to get better and better at it. You will complete courses and upskill as much as you can.  You will be focused on gaining mastery, rather than just simply puttering around with it.


2. Productivity: When you work in a job you have to be accountable to getting your work done. Just because you start a business doesn’t mean that stops! In actual fact, there is more focus on productivity because there are so many things you need to get done as a business owner.


3. Fun: You must have fun in your business! You must enjoy what you specialise in otherwise you won’t have the passion and enthusiasm your business will need to survive the tough times.


4. Creativity: Thinking outside the square and being innovative in your business will make a difference in whether you have a business that feels like a job or a business that works for you.


5. Time management: Know where your time is best spent and make the time to work on your business. Levi says, in her first business, she had to work around her children, often doing work when they were in bed at night. Your business works for you, so create a business that fits with your lifestyle.


Ready to start or scale your business, the Online Business Liftoff Podcast can help 


To start a business you’re passionate about, you must learn how to diversify your skills as this is key in creating success in the current business climate.


Our passion is to help solopreneurs, small business owners, coaches and experts to succeed with their online business. One way we can help you on an entrepreneurial journey is through our podcast and showcasing amazing experts. 


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