The Australian government is interested in the future of jobs. Rightly so. 

If you’re one of the army of carers in the Australian community and you're looking for a job, we have something for you.

In 2018 there were approximately 2.65 million Australians caring for someone with disability, a medical condition, mental illness or someone who is frail due to age.

Helping carers participate in the workforce while continuing their caring role is part of the government’s charter. What you might not know is that they provide a range of funding for support and services.

Accordingly, the government wants to help carers who want to work and participate in programs that increase their opportunities to do so. 

But it's not always easy.

The bad news is carers face mental and physical stressors in trying to balance the care they provide with their personal life, their choices, their work commitments and their family responsibilities. 

To me, in 2020 it feels like as a nation we’re discovering the specific challenges facing carers. There are real barriers that limit their capacity to find a job and maintain their commitment to provide ongoing support to the person they care for. Whether it’s COVID-19 or the royal commissions into the Aged Care or the disability sectors… everything feels shaken up and rearranged. It’s a good thing.

I was a carer for my Dad for several years before he passed away. At the time I thought nothing of it. I was one of the lucky ones. I was in my late forties with no kids at home and a partner who shouldered part of the responsibility of hanging out with Dad. I also worked for a government organisation that gave me the flexibility to work reduced hours. Again — lucky.

I was just one type of carer. There are so many more… like young carers (who are 25 and under) or carers who are 26+…

So why this story? Why this blog post?


And why am I talking about Carers and finding a job?

Now there's an oxymoron if ever I heard one — carers are already flipping-well working for goodness sake!!!

At Online Business Lift-off we have talked to plenty of carers who work and we understand that maintaining their caring responsibilities can be difficult.

We found that a lot of carers ‘chose' to give up employment completely.

Without adequate support, carers experience detrimental effects on their well‐being. Social isolation, mental health problems and significant financial impact are just a couple of the big gaping-hole-of-despair-type problems that they face. 

So, the government decided to do something unique.

They recognise that it’s super important to first understand the employment challenges carers face and then to offer them an alternative.

That’s where we came in. We’re one of the alternatives.

So what can we do to help carers find a job?


We help them create their own job. 

We’ve teamed up with the government to help carers who are 26+ start their own online business. 

Now you might be thinking this sounds scary or a teensy bit overwhelming. And you’d be right. It does SOUND scary but in reality it’s a process with a formula to follow. 

Helping people start an online business is our jam! That’s what we’re great at. 

We help you go from no idea, or a crazy wild idea, and help you build an online presence. 

Just think… you can finally take that hobby and turn it into a little something just for you. Or maybe get that blog going or start a subscription service for delivering lipstick (that could be taken though). How about creating an online course for making sashimi? Or selling your family’s secret recipe for pimple cream. The list is endless. 

Some of the people we’ve helped get online are:

  • artists
  • coaches
  • ex-bank managers
  • orchestra conductor and musical aficionados
  • indigenous teachers
  • lingerie creators
  • pharmacists
  • chocolatier 
  • non-verbal communication expert
  • and so much more

I personally would love to see a fire-twirler or circus performer. How about you? What would you do?

What if you could start a business that is created around what you’re good at or what lights you up?


Would you be interested?

Yes? Maybe?

At Online Business Lift-off (OBL) we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all way of creating your own job and your own online business. But there are certain steps that each of us take on the road to creating that business.

In our signature program at OBL, we break down the steps that take you from zero to creating your own online business. 

We help you go from: 

  • finding and confirming your idea 
  • understanding the tech
  • creating your website
  • understanding your potential customers
  • writing words that are for them 
  • and much, much more…

Even if you’re a beginner with no idea, no experience, no website — we can help you start an online business.

Take 3 minutes now to go through our quick eligibility quiz to see if you’re able to receive an Australian Government scholarship.

Online Business Lift-off is supported by the Try, Test and Learn Fund — an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services.