Meet Zay Canters — Our Community Manager!

Zay Canters is the Community Manager and Coach for our Online Business Lift-Off Program. We got together with Zay to ask them a few questions about their business and how they came to be at OBL with us!

So Zay, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

Hi, my name is Zay (they/them), and I’m the Online Business Lift-Off (OBL) Community Manager and Coach. I work with our amazing OBL participants from finding their business idea, to the moment they get their first paying client and beyond!

I believe everyone has overcome challenges and has a unique gift, that sets them apart from everyone else, and that online business is a fantastic way we can help others overcome their challenges, solve problems and make the world a better place. By creating an online business we love, we can have a purpose in life, grow in so many different ways, become financially independent, and create fulfilling work that fits around OUR lifestyle!

This is what I’ve created for myself with my two online businesses which I am incredibly passionate about. I help people around the world quit drinking alcohol through my blog, membership program and online community, called How I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Through my other business, Fearless Movement Collective, I also empower the Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) community, by supporting them with their physical and mental health. We do this through delivering online fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching (with my partner Bowie Stover who is an incredible fitness/nutrition coach), as well as educating Allied Health Professionals and other Fitness Coaches about the TGD community so they can become more aware and inclusive of the unique TGD needs. 

These businesses have given me the opportunity to make the changes that I’ve wanted to see in the world, and I believe everyone can if we simply make the decision to do it and to never give up. 

How I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Fearless Movement Collective

Wow two businesses! That’s amazing Zay. So how exactly did you come to be an instructor at OBL? When did your journey begin?

My journey with OBL began in early 2019 when Trudy asked me to be their community manager! At that time, I’d been running my own online businesses via Facebook for over 3 years, and was managing a successful online community of over 1000 people all over the world who wanted to quit drinking alcohol. 

I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to share my knowledge in what I’d learned from building an online business, to grow my skills and experience in community management, and share with others the incredible sense of fulfilment and purpose that comes from building a business that they love!

This is great. So tell us, what's the thing you enjoy most about being an instructor for this course?

What I love most about being involved in the OBL program is seeing each participant come to believe that they CAN actually start an online business doing what they love. I love seeing them grow their confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills, push past their comfort zones, and come out feeling so proud of themselves for what they’ve achieved in such a short period of time! 

Also, it feels really great to be working with a team of passionate business owners (The Amazing OBL Team) who focus 100% on creating the best experience for our participants. Any changes that we can do to improve the program, we implement straight away, I love it!

From your perspective, what do you feel the participants enjoy the most?

I think the face-to-face workshops at the beginning of the program are a real highlight for our participants because they learn SO much about themselves. They discover what they are passionate about and what they are good at, and they can feel really excited by what their online businesses will create. 

From working closely with our participants, I would say that they also really enjoy meeting the other participants who they can relate to. Since the start of OBL I seen many inspiring conversations happen about amazing ideas and how we can use an online business to help ourselves and make the world a better place!

This sounds like a fabulous journey for both you and the participants. But if you could sum up the OBL program in one sentence, how would you describe it?

OBL is an inclusive program that helps honest people who struggle with traditional employment to build a successful online business, allowing them to live life on their terms and help the people they care about!

Well, there you have it – a spotlight on our Community Manager, Zay Canters. You can check out the links to their businesses above, and if you haven’t had the chance to meet, you’ll get to soon enough! As the Community manager, Zay is heavily involved in getting people through the course, as well as helping coach and guide you through via video and other supporting channels.

Zay Canters
Founder of How I Quit Drinking Alcohol
Co-founder of Fearless Movement Collective

Zay has loads of experience helping others as a coach in their two businesses and with OBL. While championing the Fearless Movement community in Melbourne and online, Zay also supports countless people across the globe wanting to quit drinking alcohol. 

To connect with Zay click here: 

If you’d like to know more about the Online Business Lift-Off Program, or want to see if you’re eligible for our next cohort, head to our Are You Ready quiz today!


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