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The Secret Social Media Ecosystem: How to Make it Work for You

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The Secret Social Media Ecosystem: How to Make it Work for You


The social media ecosystem can be a gold mine or a minefield – sometimes you

get results and sometimes you hear crickets.

But what if there was a secret social media framework that connected your

business to your community quickly and easily to deliver massive value to them,

while, in turn, exploding your business so you reach your goals?

Want the secret sauce?

In this blog, you’ll learn the strategies to help achieve your business objectives

and how social media can be the missing link to building a thriving community of



What is an online community and how can you leverage one?


Guess what? It’s not just a Facebook group! That’s the message from Kate

VanderVoort from Social Mediology.

Simply put, an online community is a group of like-minded people who share the

same interests or “why” and who communicate via an online method, including

forums, social media, and Facebook groups!

However, Kate says, “community” is a loose term that can mean your whole

audience and even your internal team.

With ads and a funnel, it’s easy to amass an audience and with a Facebook group

so you can bring people together. Often businesses can activate their

communities with engagement – but not in taking action to work with them.

There is a system to follow, but most busy business owners want results right

now and want to go from step 1 directly to step 7 – and we know that just doesn’t

work when it comes to social media. It’s fast-moving and rapidly changing, which

is why we follow a social media ecosystem.


What is the secret social media ecosystem?


It’s lots of little steps and micro-commitments that make up the social media

ecosystem that works for you and helps people move forward on their journey

with you.

SPOILER ALERT: There is no one formula that will work for every single business

– but there is a framework you can follow to find your own secret social media

ecosystem for your business.

It’s your uniqueness that makes your business competitive in a marketplace.

The Secret Social Media Ecosystem to grow your business:

  1. Be very clear on your ideal client avatar – Deeply understand your

avatar so you can choose the platform you want to be on and where your

audience is hanging out.

  1. Understand the platforms – Know when to post, what time to post, what

type of content your audience wants from you. Learn to change with the

platforms as they develop.

  1. Create content that you are comfortable with – What skills do you have

that you can leverage? For example, if you love writing, start with a blog or

newsletter. If video is your thing, start there. On the flipside, if video is not

your thing – don’t start there! Play to your strengths and if you don’t have

the skills, outsource that task.

  1. Share your unique voice – Don’t hold back! You must be congruent

online and offline, so create a strong personal voice. You can do this by

using your own language, sharing stories, and expressing emotion in your


  1. Have an annual strategy – This is not 10 pages, it’s 1-3 pages max! Your

annual strategy is backed up by quarterly goals and action plans that are

goal- and platform-driven. What do you want to achieve and how can the

platform help you do that?

  1. Monthly content calendar – From your action plans, have a monthly

content calendar where all of your content is kept so you know what you

are working towards that month and how your content fits into your

goals. Always be two weeks ahead with your content.

HOT TIP: Stop putting content into individual silos and start to blend your

promotion and storytelling posts.  Remember, it's all about how your social media ecosystem hangs together.

  1. Promote yourself and your content – Think of this as good business

practice. About 80 percent of content needs to add value, including pain

points, frustrations, and challenges that your avatar or ideal customer is


If you’re stingy with your content, no one will see you, so the more

generous you are with providing valuable content and answering

questions, the more you will increase your “know, like and trust” factor.

  1. Keep building trust – Keep building and developing your trust factor so

You’re always top of mind and another business doesn’t get your

business! You need to build trust and connection before you can ask for

the sale – so show, don’t shout, to build your bank account of trust and



If you are starting or scaling your business, the Online

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Kate VanderVoort, from Social Mediology

has more hot tips and advice to create

your own secret social media ecosystem over on our podcast, so take a listen

here. Ep. 45: How Social Media Works Like An Ecosystem And Why That Matters For Your Business With Kate VanderVoort


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