find and validate your online business idea.

What if you could take that idea or dream that's been nagging at you…

From in your head to into reality?

From ‘will it fly’ to ‘I’m gonna try’?

From so-so to SOLD!

… All with just a few powerful exercises that take an hour or so?

In our  Business Idea Discovery System, we walk you through everything you need to find out to make your idea a business reality. No matter what stage you're at, it's possible to create and confirm if your online business idea is strong enough to build an online business around.

Your idea is a combination of your STRENGTHS and LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Note: All sales are final.

We're all amazing
at one thing, right?

Our one thing is helping you find an online business idea that builds on your strengths and life experience.

Simple, right?

At Online Business Ignition we help take the stress and the guesswork out of coming up with a solid business idea, then we take you through the proper steps to validate it.

You can discover if your idea is valid for $97. No wasting time. No wasting energy or effort. Quick. Simple. Done.

“After completing the Online Business Ignition Course I found I had many business initiative ideas that I wanted to start to create and apply to my life. This course was very useful in getting me excited and thinking about new ideas and products that I would never have come up with on my own.”

Ellen F.

“Personally, I believe that getting a person to find their strengths and interests is an extremely important part of this course. I think it's a huge help in not only finding new ideas but also offering ourself a huge boost in confidence which helps one push themselves further and harder. “

Sam K.

your ONLINE business online


We help you take a good hard look at yourself and rediscover what you can already do.

Remembering what you can already do will help you do something that's not always easy … and believing in yourself.   

Pick The
Problem You
Want To Solve

This world is full of problems.  We show you how to pick one that people really want solved.

You'll learn tactics and techniques that can be reused again and again and again as you turn your idea into an online business.

Choose The
Right Business

Next, you'll  discover what online business models exist, with real examples to explore.

Then we show you how to pick the right business model for you, that fits the problem you've chosen to solve.  Now that's powerful stuff.


Make Sure
You Have A Winner

Finally, you'll combine all the thinking, learning and research you've done to confirm your solid business idea and validate it.

Now you can prepare for the next step … bringing your business to life.

Trying to work on something that's not important to you is hard.
We help you to define your strengths, acknowledge
your skills and identify what's important to you.

answers to questions


Our Business Idea Discovery Tool was designed to solve the most common challenges that most people encounter when trying to make an online business a reality.

If any of these sound familiar, don't worry, you're definitely not alone. Our sole purpose is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work you love and that excites you (without having to sell your soul or become a starving artist).

How much is this course?

It's $97 for ALL 8 modules that show you step by step how to find an online business idea. You will receive detailed instructions and a downloadable guide  to record your findings.

And if you decide to keep going and start an online business you can purchase our Online Business Lift-Off (OBL) Plus program.

Is it hard to find an idea?

No. It's simple!  Once you've downloaded the course, schedule in some time to do the work, grab a cuppa and a quiet spot and get going on Module number 1. 

Is this a "get-rich-quick" scam?

Truth time  … some of the stuff that gets sold online isn’t worth the pixels they take up on your screen.  They’ll say “send me money and I’ll teach you how to get rich, just like I did.”  

We're not one of them. We're an Australian business and we work with the federal government on other projects so we've been vetted within an inch of our lives! 

Is it easy to setup an online business?

Short answer.  No.  It’s hard work to create a business that genuinely helps solve other people’s problems.  If you aren’t interested in working hard or you don't have a lot of time available, then we're not right for you.

With all my interests, how will I know which is the right one?

Don't worry! That's what we do and we're really good at it. And besides, even if you feel like it's not the right idea for you at the moment you can move onto another idea if you want. This process often helps people discover several ideas that they'd love to move forward into an online business.

Will I get rich from my online business?

That depends on your definition of rich.  A lot of people make money from their online business.  Exactly HOW much they make is unique to each business. 

Am I too old?

No! Even though age is one of those topics that's really personal. The good news is that the internet and the digital age have expanded our horizons exponentially. If you can and want to help someone, chances are you can build a business out of it.

Can you give me some examples of successful online businesses?

There are a ton of examples out there.  Here are four:

1. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income
2. Natalie Eckdahl – Biz Chix
3. Danny Iny – Mirasee
4. Amy Porterfield – Digital Marketing Made Easy

Personally I believe that getting the person who is doing the module to find their strengths and interests is an extremely important part of this course and I think it is a huge help in not only finding new ideas but also offering oneself a huge boost in confidence which helps one push themselves further and harder.

Sam K. (came up with two great business ideas in less than 4 hours.)

Already goT an idea or a business? 

Maybe our Online Business Lift-off (OBL) Plus program might be

just the right thing to getting you growing!

You have your idea and you’re good to go … 

but you sometimes (or all the time) need a gentle kick

in the behind to get you into action, this is the next best thing to do!

The OBL Plus program is the perfect

Show Up and Implement” accelerator you’ve been looking for!

No more wasted time, money or trying to figure out what to do,

how to do it and what software platforms to use.

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Online business are the new normal.
Go from no idea or too many ideas to business reality.

Online business, it's our jam.