Frequently Asked Questions

Is there funding to do the OBL “Start Your Business” course?

If you are a carer in Australia, you can ask your Carer Support Organisation to pay for the OBL “Start Your Business” course for you.

So just to be clear, a Carer is someone who provides personal care, support and assistance to someone in their immediate or extended family, who is disables, injured, sick or elderly. 

Have more questions about the OBL “Start Your Business” course? Head to our contact page and send us a message and we'll be in touch.

I'm not very good with computers. Can I still take start an online business?

Yes. You don't need to be tech-savvy in order to create your own online business.  You DO have to be comfortable with using the internet, though. If you can do Facebook, you can do online business.

What kind of tools do I need to get started?

You are going to need an internet connection or some way to regularly access the internet. You will also need a desktop computer or a laptop. It may be possible to use a tablet in the future, but for now it's best to have a desktop computer or a laptop.

Can I use my phone's internet connection instead of a laptop?

It is possible to use your phone's data plan to give yourself an internet connection. However, it's not advisable unless you have a cheap, “all-you-can-eat” data plan. It may be a very expensive way to access all the software tools you will be using to build your online business. It is recommended to have access to a desktop computer or laptop instead.

What if I just want some help with finding an idea, instead of doing the full “Start Your Business” course?

If you want to get going right now, you can purchase the Online Business Ignition course, which teaches you how to find and validate an online business idea. The 7 short modules will get you started in 4 hours or less.

What if I live in a different time zone?

The great thing about the internet is that you can do the courses at times that suit you. We really want everyone to succeed, and we'll do our best to make sure we help you with your questions as quickly as possible.

What if I already have an idea? Would I be wasting my money doing the course?

That's exciting that you already have an idea for an online business! Doing the OBL “Start Your Business” course is going to help you validate your ideas and actually turn it into reality. More importantly, if you join our OBL Community, you'll have our expert guidance and support, which results in fewer unnecessary mistakes and dead ends. In the end, we hope to save you time, money and energy in the long-run.

When does the next program start?

The OBL “Start Your Business” course is now self-paced so you can start at any time that suits you.

That means that you can be living anywhere and still participate.

What sort of content does this program cover?

Our Online Business Lift-Off (OBL) “Start Your Business” course will help you:

  • Find and validate an idea (or refine an idea) for an online business that matches your strengths and interests
  • Help you get your website and other essential pieces of technology set up
  • Teach you a process for discovering what people actually need from you
  • Launch your business quickly
  • Help you embed a process for continuously improving your understanding of your customers so you can personalise and automate your services/responses.

What we don’t cover in our 12-week self-paced course are things like: 

  • Business insurance
  • Business structures and how to get an ABN
  • Putting together a business plan

You can learn more about the business structure side of things from these state-based resources:

New South Wales –

Northern Territory – 

Queensland –

South Australia –

Tasmania –

Victoria –

Western Australia –


Do I have to do this program by myself?

Even though the OBL “Start Your Business” course is an online course, and you do have to complete the modules yourself, you do have the opportunity to join our supportive community … even with our self-paced option.

Do you cover how to sell on Amazon or other online retailers?

This course is designed to help you get your business idea and website together. So, while we don't specifically cover Amazon or other online retailers, there's lots in here to help you get started!

What kind of online jobs can I get after this training?

The training we do prepares you to start and run an online business. So you'd be working for yourself and building skills in marketing, copy-writing, website building, and more.

There are many different types of online businesses and it depends a lot on what kind of skills you already have, what you're interested in, and what your strengths are as to what kind of online business you would set up.

My online business teaches people how to find an idea and start their own online business. Other people who have done the Online Business Lift-Off program have used their skills to:

  • Sell products online (e.g. camping gear, chocolates, specialty pyjamas, etc)
  • Be advocates for people on the NDIS
  • Learn how to produce zero waste
  • Help elderly people who have English as a second language
  • Help people who don't have a handyman around fix things around the house
  • Sell their artwork online
  • Set up an online jewellery store to complement their bricks and mortar shop
  • Set up a lawn care business and market it online
  • … the list could go on and on!