Create A Segmentation Quiz With Leadshook

Do 95% (or more) of your website visitors leave without buying anything … or joining your email list?

That's what happens when people leave your website without interacting with you in some way.  Some people might brag about a conversion rate that's more than 1% … but what does that say about the 99% of people who didn't stay?

LeadsHook will help you sort the people coming to your website into groups so that:

    • you can offer them exactly what they need right now.  No matter if they’re ready to buy from you yet or not.
    • So you get to spend more of your time talking to customers that ARE ready for you.
    • And if people aren't ready?  You can still immediately help them without any extra time, money or effort on your part.
    • And you can use automated email sequences to keep on nurturing people until they ARE ready to buy from you.

Sound good?

I have used LEADSHOOK to help me create a lot of quizzes, diagnostic tools, calculators and assistive aids.  So many, in fact, that I've lost count.  And I've helped others create them as well. 

You can probably tell that I’m an avid fan of what LeadsHook can do.  And I’m an affiliate.  Have a look at some of the examples below.



How Well Do You Stand Out In Your Market?


Which Email Service Provider Is Right For You?

LeadsHook is very affordable.  Their support is amazing.  Founder Nik Thakorlal is always sharing really useful marketing insights in the Facebook group.  And he often tells us about new functionality that’s coming our way.
 Most importantly, the help area in LeadsHook has tons of useful info and trainings on how to do specific things with this fantastic tool.  Things that will make it easier for you to turn potential customers into raving fans.
And here’s a not-so-secret secret … using LeadsHook makes it extremely difficult for someone else to copy or reverse engineer what you’ve done.  Can people grab your questions?  Of course.  

But what they can’t steal is all the magic that sits underneath those questions:

  • The way you’ve set up the flow so that answering those questions becomes a sort of “choose your own adventure” type situation.
  • The way the logic is set up to deliver just the right value for people … based on how they’ve answered those questions.
  • The way you determine who gets what response


LeadsHook is pretty cool and I'm an avid user and fan.

If you sign up to LeadsHook using my affiliate link, I will give you the following bonuses that will help you get started with this highly effective tool:


A simple, multi-choice question template that you can use to get started on your amazing quiz, diagnostic tool or calculator.


A quick-start video that will have you effectively using LeadsHook in no time.  I show you step-by-step how to get started with your quiz.



Use this planning checklist to make sure everything is ready when it's time for your beautiful quiz to go live.  Trust me … you'll be glad you did.


Here's how it works …

  • You sign up to LeadsHook clicking the button below (it includes my affiliate link)
  • LeadsHook will let me know you’ve signed up  
  • I will send you your bonuses and instructions on how to use them