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Find and Refine Your Business Idea: Getting Started



Mind Meister –

We use MindMeister to help us with brainstorming all sorts of things … podcast episodes, online course outlines, you name it, MindMeister is a great way to visualise and organise your thoughts.  So check it out.  You'll be glad you did.

(Sometimes) Free Courses

Smart From Scratch With Pat Flynn –

Pat Flynn has a great little course that will help you find an idea that you can turn into a viable business.  Check it out because sometimes Pat will open up the course for free.  And sometimes you'll have to pay… whichever way, it's worth it. 

Paid Courses

Online Business Ignition –

We don't think you can do better than our Online Business Ignition mini-course if you want to come up with a viable idea for a business that you'll love working on.  We focus on helping you understand the things about you and your life experience that will help you solve problems you actually care about.  And we teach you the techniques you need to valid that your idea is a good one.

Getting Started With Your Website: Hosting, Creating and Editing Pages And More

Online Business Resources For Building Your Website

Visualising Your Website

Funnel Mappy –

FunnelMappy helps you create visual maps of all the pieces in your business funnel.  Watch their 3 minute video on how to get started.  It's that easy to learn how to use.  Sign up with our affiliate link and we'll give your our basic funnel template that we use with our Online Business Lift-Off students.

Mind Meister –

We use MindMeister to help us with brainstorming all sorts of things … podcast episodes, online course outlines, you name it, MindMeister is a great way to visualise and organise your thoughts.

Website Hosting

Site Ground –

SiteGround lets you organise your website hosting (including WordPress sites), email addresses and URLs, all in the one place.  The reason we use them is because their helpdesk support is excellent and quick to respond.  And that's pretty important when you're stuck on a website problem or challenge.


Website Editing Tools

Elegant Themes  –

Elegant Themes create WordPress editors like Divi and other plugins that will make your life easier when trying to build a professional looking website without breaking the bank.

Help With Building Your Website

Build Your Own Brand – With Pat Flynn (free course)


Pat Flynn used to call himself the “Crash Test Dummy For Online Business”.  He has some fantastic courses that he has developed based on what he has learned over the years.  Build Your Own Brand will not only help you learn how to develop your own WordPress website, it will help you brand it so it stands out.

Find Or Create Beautiful Images For Your Website

 Canva –

Canva is a great tool to help you get a professional look for your idea. Use it to create your own images, including a logo, font, or theme.

Deposit Photos –

This is a wonderful database of images that are available for purchase.  You can get them cheaper here than many of the other professional image sites.  Keep an eye out for their “100 photos for $100 sales”.

Let Customers Book Your Time

Acuity Scheduling

This is a wonderful resource for helping to manage your schedule and calendar. Never double book again!  It's very visual and the people who created it built their fun sense of humour into this useful tool.

Building Your Business: Understanding Customers, Building an Email List, and Driving Website Traffic

 Online Business Resources For Email Marketing

Email List Software

Active Campaign – 

ConvertKit –

AWeber –

Active Campaign and ConvertKit let you add tags and segment your customers into groups.  It combines the power of visualisation and text to help you automate email campaigns and nurture sequences so you don't have to do everything manually.  What's the difference between Active Campaign and ConvertKit?  Very little.  They both do essentially the same sorts of job.

We used to use AWeber, which works great, but we've outgrown it and moved to Active Campaign for our Online Business Lift-Off and Launchpad programs.  We seriously considered ConvertKit and we're currently trialling it to see if there's much difference between it and Active Campaign (so far, not much).

If you're just getting started, you can start with AWeber and then move to Active Campaign or ConvertKit once you've grown.  But if you've already got a substantial list and you've never used email list software or you've outgrown it,  you may want to use Active Campaign or ConvertKit.


Email Marketing Courses/Resources

Email Marketing Magic –

Pat Flynn is one of the internet business world's gurus when it comes to helping people get started with building their own online business.  His email marketing magic course is going to help you build a solid email list in a non-spammy, “nice-guy” sort of way.  If you want to save your time, money and energy by NOT doing all the wrong things, Email Marketing Magic will get you going quickly.

20 Smart Strategies To Rapidly Grow Your Email List –

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing guru who focuses on helping people build their email lists AND create online courses.  Her “20 Smart Strategies To Rapidly Grow Your Email List” is free and I can guarantee you it's full of really useful hints and things to try.

30 Day List Building Challenge –

Sign up to Nathalie Lussier's Free 30 Day List Building Challenge and get a new idea to try every day for 30 days.  I've done this challenge and there's so much good stuff in there you won't be able to implement it all.  Try it out and watch your list explode.

All Systems Go: Payment Systems, Membership Plugins, Legal Templates and More

Online Business Resources For Your Business Systems

Payment Systems

Airwallex –

Airwallex lets you send and receive borderless payments.  Save yourself the typical fee banks charge when you send money overseas.  It's easy to set up your account and get going.  It also integrates with Stripe.

Stripe –

Stripe is built to take all the work out of billing.  You can integrate your signup flow, add customers to a subscription plan, and they take care of the rest. Discounts, cancellations, subscription changes, multiple seats? All supported out-of-the-box.

PayPal –

It's good to have more than one way for people to pay you for your goods and services.  PayPal has been around for years and super easy to get set up and use.

Profit First By Michael Michalowicz –

This book, by Mike Michalowicz, and the method it contains has saved my business more than once.  Well worth reading and if put into practice, it will make a difference for your business as well.

Legal Documents and Templates

Law Depot –

We've used Law Depot many times to create contracts.  Answer their questions and their contract-maker will crank out a contract with standard clauses and any customised details you want to add.  You can either pay per download or buy a yearly subscription.

Customer Research / Lead Magnets / Segmentation Quizzes

LeadsHook –

We love LeadsHook.  It helps us build questionnaires, decision support systems and online assessment tools that deliver highly customised results for customers and useful segmentation data for us.  Best way I know of to ensure the leads we get are super highly qualifed.

And if you sign up through our affiliate link we'll give you our training module on getting started with LeadsHook.

Transcription Services

Rev –

We use Rev to create the transcripts for our Online Business Launchpad podcast and the captions for our Online Business Launchpad YouTube channel videos.  There's other crowds around, but these people do a good job, turn everything around quickly and deliver on what they say they will deliver.  And all at a reasonable price.

Online Course Platforms

Thinkific –

We have a number of courses for sale on the online course platform Thinkific provides.  They offer tons of functionality and they provide help (via training modules) so you can get started and set up as quickly as possible.  Why not start out with their free account and try it out.

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