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Do You Want The Future To Be Different?

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Start Your Own Online Business

Hi, I'm Trudy Rankin

When I wanted help starting my own business, all the gurus seemed to focus on established businesses . . . not on tiny startups like mine. Like you, I just needed help getting STARTED with my website and those first few clients.

I did a lot of research and made a lot of mistakes, but I finally figured it out for myself. Now, I want to help you and others like you kickstart YOUR sustainable online business.

Rod McNeill

Online Business Lift-Off Customer

“I had little idea how to get the business up and running to a point where I could get the clients! Between setting up a website, SEO tools and social media, …things that I knew needed to be done but were definitely in the ‘too hard basket’ … until Online Business Lift-Off.”

Our Online Business Lift-off (OBL) courses and programs are designed to let you “lean on” our hard-won skills and confidence.

You're never alone.

What you'll learn in OBL is what's actually worked for me, my team and the other students inside the community. We help you take the guess work out of knowing what to do next: from idea to published website and beyond. You don't need to feel like you're “winging it” ever again. We’ve all followed the same clear path to launching and growing successful online businesses. And now you can too.

How do our programs and courses work?

Everything at OBL is online. No travel. No dressing up. And the best bit? Learning at your own pace. Once you've signed up, you can get started on your business straight away:

  • Watch our step-by-step series of training videos.
  • Jump into the forum and introduce yourself.
  • Ask questions in the forum.
  • Take action towards making your dream of having an online business come true

Creating an online business can be confusing and downright overwhelming. We get it. That's why the entire OBL team also run their own online business. We've been there, done that and got the scars to prove it.

Discover The Right OBL Program or Course For You

“Start Your Business” Course
OBL Plus Program

Access to our Training Dashboard that will guide you through ALL the trainings in an easy-to-use, go at your own pace format… including the tech!


You can revisit and review the training materials any time. You can go back again and again to any subject.


Bring your written questions and challenges to the coaching team and fellow participants


Business Owner “Safe Zone” where you can discuss and get insights into your business that are completely private


Community-led feedback where you can have your webpage or email or whatever reviewed and get insights on what to tweak and where to tweak


Access to the OBL community forum, extra trainings and our expert-led monthly workshops


Create connections with people in a variety of industries in ways not possible on social media


You can attend our live Q&A sessions where you can bring your wins, challenges and questions to the coaching team


50+ Proven Frameworks and Trainings delivered by industry experts


Our monthly Masterclasses presented by industry experts show you how to create and grow your new biz with speed & originality



Gennine Masters

Online Business Lift-Off Customer

This course really just has inspired me and brought out my creative side and I’m enjoying that … you guys have made it possible.


Want to know what you'll learn as you go from idea to launch . . .?

Finding & Validating an Idea

We start at the beginning and take you on the journey to finding and validating your idea.

What are Funnels?

A sales or marketing funnel sounds complicated but we break down what you need to know.

Introduction to Websites

Creating a website sounds scary but there's a process and system. We'll show you how.

Learning the Tech

The Online world is really just a technical bubble. You'll learn how to understand all of it.

Create Your Online Home

Your address on the internet needs a few main things. We help you to keep it simple.

Email Lists

Learn about the best way to create raving fans, keeping them interested and close.
Understanding the Customer

Really understanding your customer is key to any business success. We'll show you how.

Social Media

Social Media can be confusing and overwhelming. We'll help make it less so.

Copywriting for the Internet

Writing for the internet is different to writing for other mediums. We break down how to do it.

Creating Content

Creating content is an ongoing process. We'll help you discover what works best for your business.

Content Planning

Learn about the audience change journey and create your plan to keep on top of the creation process.

Analytics and Search

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. Analytics is the way you keep track and optimise.

“Online Business Lift-Off is the most incredible opportunity to develop and grow my business. OBL has shone a light on a dream that seemed unattainable alone. Thank you Trudy for your vision and your awesome team for making the impossible, possible!”

Marnie – Melt Me Chocolates

“The OBL … instructors were very experienced in running their own online businesses….

Hans Van Weerd



Irene Pollak Founder of Rumble Media

Irene Pollak loves helping you set up your analytics so you can see what people are doing on your website and in your sales funnel. She helps turn scary numbers into an easily understandable visual story that you can use to improve the way you attract and serve customers. Google Analytics and Google Data Studio are her jam.

Ee Zen Cha Founder of REAVA Solutions

Ee Zen Cha is an expert when it comes to figuring out how to use systems and processes to help you save time in your busy life. She also knows lots about setting up and managing digital projects. Every time she automates another step in our sales funnel, or helps someone automate a step in theirs, it makes her day.

Trudy Rankin Founder of Online Business Lift-Off

Trudy Rankin, Founder of OBL, helps you understand your customers better, develop your business's product ecosystem map, and build an automated sales funnel that personalises the experience people have when they come to your website. Segmentation quizzes and awesome quiz software LeadsHook are her speciality.

How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider for Your Business | Online Business Liftoff

Several of our team members have a great way with words. They are great at writing copy … for websites, for ads and for email nurture sequences. And they also knows a lot about setting up and tagging content so that it gets picked up by search engines like Google. Pretty advanced stuff, but important.

Richa Rawat Tech Support

Richa Rawat helps you get over the speed bumps when setting up your website, sales funnel and other digital tech. She is our go-to person when you have tech troubles. Join our community and you'll get access to Richa's tech support sessions. She knows a lot about setting up the backend parts of sales funnels and integrating the tools.

Zay Canters Founder of How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Zay Canters is our digital tech savvy community manager. They keep our community forum alive and lively. Their speciality is creating super easy to understand training videos showing step by step how to wrangle WordPress and other digital tools. Not to mention whipping up amazing graphics with Canva.

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OBL Plus


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