Ep. 10: The 4 things you need to get your business online with Trudy Rankin

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






There is a ton of information out there about the world of online business.  And it can be really confusing.  Figuring out what to do and whose advice to listen to takes time.

So to save you from having to reinvent the wheel, in today’s podcast Trudy talks about what she’s learned about what works for online businesses.  

When you first start your business, people won’t know who you are.  So not only do you need to have a clear idea about how you’re going to help your customers, you need to make it easy for them to find and get to know you.  

Here are four key areas to focus on that will help speed up that “getting to know you” phase.  

In this podcast Trudy discuses:  

  1. Funnels – what they are and why you only need a basic one to get started
  2. A tool to help you see all the funnel components so you can build them more quickly
  3. Where your potential clients are hanging out 
  4. Where your home base is going to be
  5. Why it’s important to have a way of asking your potential customers/clients questions and
  6. Why you need to have a way of going back to contact potential client/customers

  The transcript for this episode can be found here. 


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