Ep. 104: How To Help Your Family Deal With Your Business If You Die Unexpectedly

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It happens more frequently than you might think.  One day, you, as the business owner are fine, dealing with everything and making sure things are running. 

The next, you could be lying in a hospital bed breathing your last.  And your team and your family are left scrambling trying to pick up the pieces from your business.


This short episode shares 5 things you can do, as a business owner, to make that transition from business with an owner and leader to no owner.  And no one to say what to do.


Check-in and have a listen. You’ll be glad you did.



Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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Trudy Rankin

Trudy is a wife, mum and grandma …. she's also the creator of West Island Digital, founder of Online Business Lift-off, a writer, serial entrepreneur, and online business startup advisor, mentor and online business coach.

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