Ep. 109: 6 Things That Will Help You Tear Down The Barriers Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals With Benjamin Yeh - Part 1

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As hard-working entrepreneurs and business owners, we can sometimes be our own worst enemies.  More often we just get in our own way.  

And we subconsciously stop ourselves from achieving the success we really DO want.  

Maybe we get so busy that we forget to look after our mental or physical health.  Or we don’t examine the “unspoken rules” we learned as a child to see if they are still relevant to us today.

Or it could be a mindset that limits what’s possible.  Maybe it’s that voice in your head that’s always telling you you’re not worthy.  Or asking you how you could possibly think you were expert enough to help others.  

Or maybe we’re simply refusing to give ourselves permission to really shine.

So many things!

And in today’s podcast, I’ve asked Business and Transformation Coach, Benjamin Yeh, to join me on the podcast and share his wisdom about how to start removing those barriers.

Benjamin also shares a bit about his own journey as an entrepreneur and why words matter when it comes to beating down barriers and changing mindsets.

If that sounds like it would be interesting, have a listen.  And then apply the principles Benjamin shares to your own situation.  You’ll be glad you did.



Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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Benjamin Yeh

Benjamin Yeh is a Business and Transformation Coach.  Ben's career has evolved from being a real estate consultant, investment officer for a family office where he invested over $1 billion dollars, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, advisor/coach and overall student of life.

Combining his investment experience, business coaching and spiritual journey, Ben empowers entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity in their purpose, their ‘True North', and thrive in their business with aligned direction, strategy and execution. 

Ben launched his Boom Vision Podcast in 2021, a show designed for driven entrepreneurs and professionals seeking clarity, purpose and happiness.  This show dives deep on how to create lasting success by building a solid foundation of a healthier mind, body and soul: it starts with a powerful mindset!

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