Ep. 116: What It's Like To Start A Festival And Grow It With Eibhlin Fletcher

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Have you ever secretly (or not so secretly) dreamed about starting a live event?  Maybe a conference or a series of live workshops?  Something longer than just one day/


But the thought of doing it was so daunting, you’ve never had the courage to do it?


In this episode I talk with Dr Eibhlin Fletcher, the founder of the Get A Grip Of The Grind Festival, which is now in it’s 5th year.


It hasn’t all been smooth sailing.  And Eibhlin has some advice for anyone thinking about starting up and running that event.


We also talked about:


  • The origins of the Get A Grip Of The Grind Festival
  • The impact of going tech-less for short periods of time
  • What was involved in starting the festival
  • Winging it and things that can go wrong
  • Things will always go wrong
  • Working with local businesses and getting them to help out
  • Eibhlin's biggest fear in running the festival
  • The hardest part about the festival 
  • Other key challenges, like keeping everything fresh
  • Rogaines (no it’s not medicine)
  • Feeling free to do stuff that makes you feel young again
  • The difference having help can make
  • How documentation and delegation, in that order, can help spread the load, but can slow down decision making
  • When customer service is not your strongest point …
  • Being the visionary or ideas person …
  • One piece of advice for someone thinking about running a festival or event
  • The philosophy of having no regrets
  • The next Get A Grip Of The Grind Festival 


If you’re interested in what Eibhlin has to share about the ups and downs of starting a big event, have a listen.  You’ll be glad you did.


What It's Like To Start A 3-Day Festival And Grow It With Eibhlin Fletcher





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The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Dr Eibhlin Fletcher

Her life and work experiences, skills and training are the driving force behind Get a Grip of the Grind™ along with a personal determination and passion to help others carve out a more fulfilling, and content experience.

Her goal is to give women the courage to be a warrior for their big and small ambitions in life, personally or professionally. 

Get a Grip of the Grind™ mentors women and design programs that dare women to be bold, even fierce, personally and professionally. We leverage adventuring into the outdoors as it neatly exposes our stress responses, and self-limiting beliefs in safe environments where women are coached in real time to adopt more productive responses, superboosting their confidence. 

Being in nature also reduces the demands on our attention, giving our brain time to reorganise itself. We build programs based on contemporary women’s issues, creating leaders, champions and confident women who their place in the world, rather than be shaped by it.

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