Ep. 117: Beyond Burnout-Reimagining Your Future In These Strange Times With Katrina Streatfeild

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The risk and impact of burning out is something that most people want to avoid.


And when a recent podcast episode on burnout rapidly became my most listened to episode ever, I knew we’d hit a nerve.  


So I’ve asked Counselling and Clinical Psychologist, Katrina Streatfeild to come back on the podcast and talk about what we can do to move beyond burnout.


We talked about:


  • Beyond normal – all the things happening in the world right now

  • How old coping mechanisms might not be enough anymore

  • Long term stressors, stress hormones and our ability to cope

  • How do we get off the hamster wheel?

  • The impact on others when we are compassionate for ourselves

  • The necessity of acknowledging that the world has changed

  • A process for reimagining our future

  • Defining what's realistic in terms of goals now

  • How do we figure out what's meaningful now?

  • Setting new baselines

  • What to do if you don't know what success looks like any longer

So if the thought of facing an unknown future has you feeling a bit exhausted, you are not alone.  Have a listen and try the process Katrina is suggesting.  It may help. 


Beyond Burnout – Reimagining Your Future In These Strange Times





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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


Today's Guests


Katrina Streatfeild

Katrina brings almost 25 years of experience across the spectrum of child and adult assessment and intervention for trauma and mental health disorders, child & family work and supervision of psychology trainees and registrars.


Her areas of interest include anxiety, adjustment, stress & burnout, trauma,  PTSD, Complex PTSD, child and parent work, women's mental health, complex Mental Health Disorders, EMDR and supervision and mentoring of provisional and registrar (Clinical and Counselling) Psychologists.

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