Ep. 12: How refusing to accept past fates as your own can make you a winner

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






Today’s guest Sandy Barber who is a Dja Daj Wurrung/Yorta Yorta woman and part of the Stolen Generation.  She shares with Trudy her personal journey of discovery about her identity and how that led her to her current online business.

Sandy has the kind of credentials that come from a life overflowing with fascinating stories. As one of the Stolen Generation, Sandy has taken her love for Country and the rich practises of her People to create a business teaching children the practice of Wayapa Wuurrk. Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner is an earth connection practice based on Indigenous Wisdom

In this Podcast Trudy and Sandy discuss – 

  • How the Online Business Lift-Off Program helped Sandy start her business 
  • Her personal journey of self discovery and the path it took her on
  • How she turned her passion into her livelihood 
  • Her advice to anyone wanting to start a business 

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 


Today's Guest


Sandra Barber

Today’s guest Sandy Barber, is a Dja Daj Wurrung/Yorta Yorta woman and part of the Stolen Generation.

Meet Sandy Barber who changed direction in her career and is now back in the industry to support people to use mindfulness and movement to return to their roots through the Wayapa Wuurrk practices.




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