Ep. 120: How Virtual Reality Could Change The Way You Do Business With Zerafina Zara

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Not that long ago, virtual reality was just another emerging technology that most businesses didn’t see a need for.


Well, that might be changing.


In this episode I speak with Zerafina Zara who is an expert in the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) spaces.


And we talk about:


  • How Zerafina's interest in dance set her on a path towards working with virtual reality
  • What a Holographic stage is and how it might be used in a business
  • Whether small businesses might be able to use some of the amazing capabilities that these technologies bring to create new opportunities to better serve customers and grow
  • Why augmented reality might be better for business meetings than Zoom
  • The benefits of VR meetings for introverts
  • Why making rollercoasters the first thing you try on VR is a bad, bad, very bad idea
  • Whether the Metaverse actually exists
  • Your online avatar, relationship building and communities
  • Evoking emotional states with VR and promoting a sense of self-agency and control
  • According to the gurus, how long you'll be spending in a VR headset per day for work (the answer might surprise you)
  • Whether VR could be used to help people with disabilities and some of the ethical considerations around that
  • An example of using VR to enhance the coaching experience


It’s a fascinating interview about a subject that has the potential to really change how we interact in the business world.  And it’s something that you, as a small business owner, should be starting to think about now.


If that sounds interesting to you, have a listen.


How Virtual Reality Could Change The Way You Do Business With Zerafina Zara 


And I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.



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The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Zerafina Zara

Zerafina, ‘The Stagecraft Specialist’ is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and performance, craft expert. Zerafina has been teaching and performing for over two decades and has taught voice, performance, harmony singing and choirs at universities, and coached ARIA and Grammy Award-winning, artists. She is a sought-after performance coach with an eye for detail and an expert in helping people find their voice.

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