Ep. 122: How To Say No Nicely And With Style With Katrina Streatfeild

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Saying “no” to things or to people can create intense dissonance, especially for people who like to help others.


In this episode, Counselling and Clinical Psychologist, Katrina Streatfeild, takes us through a number of ways to deal with the guilt and the dissonance.  And she explains how to say no in a way that leaves the other person feeling heard, understood and valued.


We talked about:


  • Why sometimes saying no is the best thing for the other person
  • Three questions to set the stage for saying no
  • Why your priorities matter
  • Dealing with stretch moments and associated guilt
  • Engaging our “wise” minds
  • Making “choice moments” count
  • What to do when you really need a crystal ball
  • Why a growth mindset is vital
  • When beating yourself up is like burning money
  • Techniques for dealing with people pleaser dissonance
  • How to say no, without sounding horrible about it


There is so much that is helpful in this episode.


If you’d like some help with learning how to say no nicely and with style, be sure to have a listen.


And please share the podcast with anyone else you think it would help.



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The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Katrina Streatfeild

Katrina brings almost 25 years of experience across the spectrum of child and adult assessment and intervention for trauma and mental health disorders, child & family work and supervision of psychology trainees and registrars.


Her areas of interest include anxiety, adjustment, stress & burnout, trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, child and parent work, women's mental health, complex Mental Health Disorders, EMDR and supervision and mentoring of provisional and registrar (Clinical and Counselling) Psychologists.

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