Ep. 126: 5 Things To Think About BEFORE You Start Building A New Habit With Louise Evans

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Have you ever tried to put a new habit into practice?  And maybe it didn’t go so well?


Well, there’s a reason for that.


In this episode, Mindset Results & Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Louise Evans, explains the 5 things that you need to think about BEFORE you start working on building a new habit that’s 5 times strong and faster than your old habit.


We talk about:


  • Louise's journey into entrepreneurship
  • Who Louise helps (it’s surprisingly wide-ranging)
  • How what you eat  can have an impact on how easy or hard it is to change habits

The 5 things you need to ask yourself BEFORE you start working on changing that habit

  • How to tell whether you're living YOUR best life, or whether it’s actually someone else's vision of your best life
  • What to do if you've gotten so lost, you no longer have a vision of what your best life could be
  • Building heart centered habits five times faster
  • The role of accountability and being true to yourself when changing habits
  • Procrastination.  Is it a good or bad thing?  What causes it and a useful technique for getting past it


So if you’ve been working on changing your habits or building a new habit, have a listen.  What Louise has to share may help.


Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


Website:  https://www.louiseevans.com.au/

Free “Reset Your Mindset” Event:  https://www.louiseevans.com.au/reset-your-mindset/


Today's Guests


Louise Evans

Louise Evans is a Certified Results Coach and Founder of The Identity Coach

Having studied and worked in the field of personal transformation for 11 years, Louise specializes in helping people master their mindset, maximise their potential and manifest their dream life.

Louise has helped people from all walks of life from parents, managers and small business owners, to realise their version of success and happiness.

With her unique ability of identifying the root cause of people's problems and re-aligning their head, heart and hand to achieve tangible results, Louise is an in-demand coach. Louise is passionate about people and helping them empower themselves to create the life they deserve.

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