Ep. 131: When The Scale Of Needed Change Is So Massive You Can’t Do It Alone With Grant Symons

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Do you care deeply about what’s happening to our planet?  


You’re into doing what you can to minimise impact.  But sometimes it can feel like the difference that makes is just a drop in the ocean, because you’re just one person.


And the things we, as a society, are able to do at scale, might not always be the right things in the long run.  Sometimes there are unforeseen consequences.


But change is being forced on us, whether we like it or not, and we are going to have to adapt.  We have to do something….but what?


My guest for this episode is Grant Symons, from Transition HQ.  Grant has years of deep experience in leading and managing change at scale.  And he reckons that the old way of doing “change” just simply isn’t cutting it.  


We have to do things differently.


In this episode we talk about:


  • Two completely different ways of managing change projects and which one works better
  • How and why Grant become interested in large scale transition projects
  • The difficulty of creating a new product for a new market and why that requires new ways of thinking and doing
  • What it's like as a consultant to add an online component to your business
  •  The importance of community and community input in developing a new program
  • The two most difficult things about going from concept to a new online offering
  • Thought leadership and what it really is
  • Advice for people leaving corporate to become consultants about getting part of their business online
  • Why relationships really matter
  • What Circle is like as a community management tool for a startup


Whether you agree with Grant or not, I think you’ll find what he has to say throught-provoking.  Have a listen and then decide.

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Today's Guests


Grant Symons

Grant is a consultant and leader with 30 years’ experience in systems change design and implementation, and a unique ability to help clients understand and effectively address difficult transition challenges.

He is a thought leader in large-scale transition and a skilled advisor and facilitator in strategy and operationalisation of new capability. Grant is on the board of trustees for the Global Association for Transition Engineering and has authored more than 100 articles relating to the field of transition.

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