Ep. 136: How To Save Time So You Can Get Back To Your Zone Of Genius With Khadirah Muhammad

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Do you feel like you’re still wearing 3000 hats when it comes to running and growing your business?  Doing all the things, even the ones you dislike or aren’t very good at?


In this podcast episode, time saver and productivity expert, Khadirah Muhammad shares how she helps clients get their business processes documented and under control so that they can then be automated or handed off to someone else.


We also talk about:


  • Why Khadirah decided to start her own business after graduating from university, rather than going the usual route of working for someone else … you might be surprised at the reason
  • What can happen when you don’t have your processes nailed down and the time it can waste
  • Why do we expect people to be mindreaders?
  • How Zapier is like a translator and can help save time by getting different types of technology talking to each other, plus some examples of how it can be used
  • Khadirah’s biggest tip for getting out from under those 3000 hats


There’s gold in what Khadirah has to share because her method can be applied to businesses of any size.


And there are some interesting insights into the world of work and how it is changing for young people.


Have a listen to the episode.  I’m confident that you’ll take away some useful insights into how you could start saving yourself some time.

P.S.  And did you know that using a quiz in your business can also help you save time?  Download my quiz creation checklist to see what’s involved.



Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


Website:  https://omnipotentconsulting.com/ 

Save Time: Khadirah’s $1 6-Figure Low Tech Guide – https://succeedingwithsystems.com/6-figs 

Instagram:  khadirahsmuhammad

 YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@KhadirahSMuhammad

Today's Guests


Khadirah Muhammad

In 2019, 6 months before I graduated college, I decided to throw away the job applications and dove head first into my, then, digital marketing agency.

Just like you, I wanted the time freedom and the financial freedom that building my own business would give me,

but not just for my own sake, I wanted to create something that could retire my parents (and a job could never do that!)

While building my own company, I fell in love with technology, automation, and systemizing everything and found out I had a knack for doing this for other people, namely my clients at the time

Now I help service based CEOs like you get back all of their time while scaling their companies to the moon!

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