Ep. 137: How Letting Go Means That Speech Therapist, Rose Griffin, Can Help More Clients Without Working Longer Hours

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Six years of studying to be a speech pathologist hadn’t prepared Rose for the challenge of working with a young man who only knew how to communicate his needs and wants via by behaving in negative ways.


She quickly developed a passion for helping people on the autism spectrum find their voice.


When Rose made the switch from career employee to business owner, she quickly realised that she could only help so many people at one time.  She knew that if she wanted to maximise the impact she could have she needed to find a different way.


In this episode, Rose explains the journey she went through starting her own business and then moving from expert provider to expert teacher.  She changed from being the “doer” in her  business to being the leader.  And as she did she was able to amplify her impact exponentially and now teaches other speech pathologists who work with people on the autism spectrum, how to help their clients find their voice.


We talk about:


  • How she is able to grant CEUs (continuing education units) to people who listen to specific episodes from her podcast, Autism Outreach
  • How she developed her first product
  • The experience of moving from being an employee to being a boss and realising she needed to do things differently if she wanted to help more people
  • The one thing that helped Rose accelerate her business growth
  • Why standard operating procedures matter … a lot
  • The ripple effect that using a “train the trainer” model can bring
  • The number one challenge for speech therapists who work with autistic learners
  • Advice for people thinking about changing from career employee to business owner


If you’re a professional who is thinking about moving away from a 1-to-1 service model, there’s a lot of wisdom here.

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Today's Guests


Rose Griffin

Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA, is an ASHA Certified Speech- Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has over 20 years of experience as a professional working in the both the public and private sectors.

Rose is the founder of ABA SPEECH. ABA SPEECH offers therapy services, courses, consultations and products geared towards helping autistic students find their voice. Rose is also the host of the Autism Outreach Podcast, a weekly show all about autism and communication.

She is a sought after speaker who enjoys connecting with audiences at the local, state and national level. Rose is passionate about the mission of ABA SPEECH, which is to help all students become more independent communicators.

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