Ep. 138: How Conversion Tracking Can Help You Avoid Expensive, Time Wasting, Marketing Mistakes With Ads Expert Ilana Wechsler

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If you’re like most small businesses, you’re working hard to market your products and services.  But how do you know what’s working and what’s not?


And if you don’t know what’s working (or not working), you’re not going to be able to do anything to improve.  And for most small businesses, even just a 1% improvement in their conversions would make a noticeable difference to the bottom line.


In this episode, ads expert, Ilana Wechsler from Teach Traffic shares what she’s learned over the years about running, first, a digital ads agency and then a community where she helps people get better at setting up and running paid ads. 


We talk about:


  • How Ilana got started with her Green Arrow Digital ad agency and how it grew and morphed over the years into a successful, but very full-on business
  • How success can bring its own problems and how downsizing helped her refocus on what mattered to her and generate new business models
  • Ilana’s realisation that hiring an Ad Agency for a small business is like buying a Ferrari to go get milk from your local shop … that’s not what they need
  • Starting her Teach Traffic community, learning how to teach and how running an ad agency helps with teaching concepts around paid ads
  • Why niching down can be useful for a while, but isn’t always the answer
  • Why web design can make or break the power of ads to grow your business
  • Micro versus macro conversions and why conversion tracking really, really matters


So if you’re using ads in your business, or you’re thinking about getting started with ads, this episode is going to be thought-provoking.

And be sure to sign up for Ilana’s $10 Remarketing Challenge (not an affiliate link).  I’ve done the challenge and I got A LOT of value out of it.



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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


Website:  https://teachtraffic.com/ 

$10 Remarketing Challenge:  https://teachtraffic.com/challenge/

Today's Guests


Ilana Wechsler

Ilana Wechsler is a Google & Facebook Ads Expert, Speaker and the Founder of Teach Traffic.  She helps businesses increase sales with online ads.  She has also run a dedicated PPC (Pay Per Click) agency for over 7 years and managed well over $30 millions of dollars on behalf of clients.

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