Ep. 14: How Being A Problem Solver Can Lead To A Successful Business

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






Life experience is critical in choosing what you want to do in your business.  But sometimes, events can take us on a totally different career path than what we expected growing up.

When studying a business degree at university, Zay Canters realised quite quickly that it wasn’t for her … only to return to business when she discovered that she had precious knowledge that others needed and wanted.

Zay is our Community Manager for the Online Business Lift-Off Program, and also runs two businesses – Fearless Movement Collective and How I Quit Drinking Alcohol. 

In Today’s Podcast Trudy and Zay discuss –

  • How Zay’s businesses came about 
  • Why determination, research and perseverance are critical to long-term success
  • Segmentation and how niching down successfully takes time
  • The structure of Zay’s businesses
  • Challenges and ways they coped 
  • Zay’s favourite piece of software and why it’s their favourite 

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 


Today's Guest


Zay Canters

Zay uses the  pronouns They/Them, who is an Addiction Coach and the founder How I Quit Drinking Alcohol. 

Zay helps people who are emotionally dependent on alcohol, become able to overcome their desire for it and live their lives with passion and purpose without the need for alcohol or any addiction. A lot of people are not necessarily alcoholics but they really struggle to control when and how much they drink. Their physical and mental health, relationships and finances tend to suffer, they are not happy with themselves or their lives and they tend to feel out of control.





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