Ep. 145: Making The Move From Corporate IT Employee To Small Business Owner With Michaɫ Stawicki

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If you love writing … and you’ve been wondering how to start making money from your carefully crafted words, check out this interview with Michaɫ Stawicki.

Michaɫ used to work in IT and was desperately wondering how he was going to ever be able to make enough money to allow him to support his family and some day, retire.

So he started looking around for ideas and eventually decided to start writing.

It’s taken years of practice and a lot of hard work, but in this podcast, Michaɫ shares how he was eventually able to leave his corporate job and support himself and his family just with his writing.  

He has published 19 books and sold 85.000 copies of them.  He literally has thousands of articles all over the Internet and if you check out his website, there are a lot of links to his writing.

And now he has added in another writing-related business that builds on all that hard won experience.

Have a listen to the podcast and hear how he did it, warts and all.



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The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Michal Stawicki

I live in Poland, Europe.
I’m a father of three—two sons and a daughter.
I’ve been married for over 15 years.
I work in a big consulting corporation as a database administrator.
I’ve been a church community member for more than 19 years.

I just cannot resist the urge to make this world a better place; first of all through self-improvement, by focusing on my personal growth, and then through the absolute transparency of my progress.

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