Ep. 146: From Lawyer To Small Business Owner: How Jeremy Cline Found His Calling

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Jeremy Cline has been a lawyer for more years than he likes to think about.  And truth be told, he wasn’t really enjoying it that much. He had been searching for something different to do. 

Something that was … well, he wasn’t exactly sure just what sort of business would be right for him.  So he had a couple of cracks at it. 

The first business did okay, but it felt like something was missing.  The second business was far more satisfying and a much better fit for him, personally.

In this podcast episode, Jeremy shares his journey of finding that right fit.  And how getting a coach helped him uncover the secret to starting a business that felt right.

If you’re in the middle of making your own leap from corporate to small business owner, or if you’re thinking about making the leap, have a listen.  Jeremy shares some really good advice for picking the right business the first time.

From Lawyer To Small Business Owner:  How Jeremy Cline Found His Calling

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Jeremy Cline

Jeremy is the host of Change Work Life, the podcast that’s all about beating the Sunday evening blues and enjoying Mondays again. Through interviews with ordinary people who have taken action to change the path of their career and the career coaches who helped them, Jeremy explores the changes anyone can make to enjoy a better working life, whether these changes are small alterations to day-to-day routines, major career shifts or something in between.

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