Ep. 147: Top Tips For Streamlining Your Business, Even If You're Not A Whiz With Technology With Streamlining Expert Ee Zen Cha

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I had just begun running a big program that helped carers/caregivers learn how to start their own business.  It was exciting, it was fun, it was … chaotic.


We were essentially in startup mode ourselves, trying to get everything running smoothly for our participants.  And I was bringing on team members to help.  But they were finding it difficult because all our processes and systems were … to put it politely … fluid.


Every day, we were losing time because we couldn’t find this document or that plan.  And with a program of that size (or any size), time is money.


So I reached out to streamlining guru, Ee Zen Cha from REAVA Solutions for some help. 


She was able to make a massive difference.  So much so that I’m still using many of the procedures and processes she put in place.


It was so helpful that I asked her to come onto the show and share some of her tips for getting started with streamlining what you do, so that you can get some time back in your day for the things that matter to you.


There are some great tips here.  Enjoy!



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Ee Zen Cha

A diverse engineering background in the corporate world and previous work experience in quality management allows me to lend my skills, knowledge, and expertise to small business owners. I'm a former Certified ISO 9001 Internal Auditor, and have also worked in hospitality and as a factory worker.

Having my own business has given me lots of opportunities and exposure in all facets of business.

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