Ep. 150: How Aspiring Entrepreneur Sophie Howard Found a Way to Work from Home and Build More Than One Thriving Online Businesses

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 





When baby number 2 came along, and it was time to go back to work, civil servant Sophie Howard realised that the numbers just didn’t stack up.

She looked at what her salary would be versus what she would have to pay in childcare costs, commuting to work and all the rest that goes with having a job in a government agency and she knew there had to be another way of making a living.

With a lot of research, tons of determination and possibly a touch of beginners luck, Sophie was able to build … and then sell … an e-commerce business for over a million dollars USD.

But by then, she’d caught the entrepreneurial bug and realised she enjoyed the process of buying existing online businesses and making them more profitable.  Several 6 and 7-figure businesses later, she is now sharing what she’s learned with her Freedom Navigator students.

In this episode, Sophie shares some of her experiences along the way to owning a portfolio of online businesses.  As well as a lot of wisdom about this particular business model and how it works.

So if you’re interested in building versus buying an online business as a way to get started on your journey to entrepreneurial success, have a listen.



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Today's Guests


Sophie Howard 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs is the home of Sophie Howard.

It's a community designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs build a business and a life that serves them.

There's no fluff, jet planes or Lamborghinis – just powerful advice and inspiration on all things related to starting and growing a successful online business.

Sophie started online with an Amazon business in 2013, which she sold for over $1 million USD in 2015.

As well as launching over 1000 products, she has built educational programs teaching thousands of students how to sell online.

Sophie has spoken on stages around the world, teaching and inspiring other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success.

A big fan of passive income streams and smart business models, she stays engaged with the very latest of what is working in online business.

Sophie lives in Wanaka, New Zealand and juggles her business portfolio with two young children, a horse and running in the mountains.

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