Ep. 161: The 9-to-5 Escape Plan And Building Profitable Businesses Online With Jake Lang

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Ever wanted to ditch your day job?  Or wondered what it's like to create a portfolio of income-generating websites? Our guest today, Jake Lang, founder of The Entrepreneur Ridealong, shares his journey from blogging on the commute to and from his day job, to successfully running multiple online businesses, all while juggling a family and five dogs. This insightful chat gives you a glimpse into the world of passive income, niche markets, and SEO.

My guest is an expert in creating and managing online businesses in niche markets. With a successful background in insurance, he has built a sustainable system that generates passive income. In addition to his first venture, he has expanded into new niches, always prioritizing high-value content and understanding market needs.


  • How he utilised train commutes and lunch breaks to build his first online business.
  • The importance of trust in establishing affiliate relationships.
  • The reasons behind his preference for text-based online courses and the unique value they bring to his niche.
  • His adventure into yet another niche market, Agile certification.

To learn more about creating a passive income business, understanding niche markets, and tips on SEO, tune in to this episode!




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Today's Guests


 Jake Lang

Jake is currently working on his 10th online business, 

He describes himself as being addicted to finding niche business ideas and starting new online businesses. And he now helps others start their own online business through coaching, books, and membership. He has published two books on the topics in the past two years including the book Step One and the book Use Your Job to Quit Your Job

Some of the businesses I've started include a business selling online courses in the insurance industry (my best-performing business), a dog blog about the Pomsky dog breed which I sold in 2021, an educational website about agile methodologies and the PMI ACP certification, and my newest niche website about pellet stoves. (Among others that have started and flopped).

With my portfolio of websites, I replaced the income from my day job and took on entrepreneurship full-time in 2021.

You can see some of my projects here:






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