Ep. 178: How Engineer and BrandGuard Co-Founder Rob May Mastered The Art Of Pitching Investors For Startup Funding

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What do you do when you need investor funding for your startup, but you’re struggling to convince anyone to open their wallets?.


Rob May, engineer turned entrepreneur, knows what that feels like.  Even though he had started several tech companies and invested in startups, himself, he still struggled to convince investors to fund his ideas. 


In this episode Rob shares how constant practice pitching and getting feedback eventually made him a master storyteller that helped him hugely increase the odds of getting funding.


We also talk about:

  • Rob’s journey from electrical engineer to tech entrepreneur
  • Building and scaling startups
  • Finding investors and handling rejection
  • Transitioning from pirate culture to a process-driven organisation
  • Using AI for brand content governance
  • Scaling AI companies amid supply constraints


Listen in to hear Rob's startup stories and advice on pitching, funding, team building, and more!






Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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The transcript for this episode can be found here.



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Rob May


“Rob May is a 4x entrepreneur and angel investor in over 100 startups. Prior to that he worked as an electrical engineer designing various hardware devices. Rob writes the newsletter Investing In AI, and hosts the AI Innovator's Podcast. He holds a BSEE and MBA from the University of Kentucky.”



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