Ep. 18: How To Set Up Your Youtube Channel From Scratch

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 








Are you thinking about having your own YouTube channel so you can grow your business? But you're not quite sure how to get started? But you're not quite sure how to get started? 

In today’s podcast, Trudy speaks to Kim Fernandas, from Marketing Entourage, who helped set up our Online Business Launchpad YouTube channel.

Today’s discussion is about what it means to have a YouTube Channel for your business, as well as the advantages and exposure it can provide for your business.

In today’s episode Trudy and Kim talk about: 

  • How taking risks with trial and error can give you a great outcome 
  • Tips on where to and how to start a YouTube channel for your business
  • Using your current marketing channels to tell everyone about your YouTube channel
  • How it’s possible to get a quick start by creating short videos from content already created for your business  
  • SEO tips for your channel and more 

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

Today's Guests


Kim Fernandes

As a Marketing Manage/Experience Consultant, Kim is an analytical thinker with a strategic mindset, aimed at solving problems and finding opportunity. 

Kim's a creative thinker, and likes to look at things in a way that others might not consider question how current processes and systems work and if this is the best. Kim enjoys leading projects, working with her team and the tech tools she has behind her to make that happen! Kim aims to be a long learner, is passionate about people doing good stuff for the planet and wants to work with those who feel the say way she does. Her other big passions include anything and everything soccer, learning about the environment and just generally becoming a better human. 🙂 




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