Ep. 19: How Belief & Collaboration Saved Vicky's Business

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Sometimes, as busy business owners, we get so caught up in our busy lives and busy tasks, that self care … even for something as important as nutrition … can take a back seat.  

And for some of us, COVID-19 has limited our ability to provide ourselves with that self-care.  Limits on exercise.  Limits on where we can shop.  Maybe even limits on our food budget.  

Definitely limits on our ability to have some quiet times for ourselves.

Before COVID-19  hit, Vicky Jamieson was spending her days running her successful, day-spa oriented business, Better Body.  But when the lockdowns hit, Vicky had to come up with other ways to help women in their 40s keep the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual parts of themselves connected

In today’s podcast, Trudy speaks to Vicky about what she does and how she’s pivoted her business so she can keep on helping women be their best selves.

In today’s episode Trudy and Vicky talk about: 

  • Filling the gaps in business and how COVID-19 has sped that up
  • How to build new skills into your business
  • Working out how to use a software such as Zoom
  • How building relationships and previous co-workers could be your future partners in collaboration 
  • The power of tracking what’s happening in your business, so you know what to work on next
  • Tips for listeners starting out in business 

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

Today's Guests


Vicky Jamieson


Vicky specialises in Anti-Ageing and Lifestyle Solutions for Beauty from the Inside as well as the Outside.

Her services include wellness solutions to help busy women achieve the balance between work and better energy, with less stress, better gut health & hormones in check and as a bonus, have  vibrant skin with less lines!

Having the right nutrients (rather than focusing on diets) is quite often the missing link to better energy as you age.  Having the right nutrients can help us sleep more deeply and helps the nervous system to switch OFF at appropriate times … which can help busy women have a more balanced approach to life.






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