Ep. 198: How a 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turned a Government Dilemma into a Booming Business With Greg Berry

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At just 24 years old, Greg Berry was elected as a city councilor and quickly spotted a major problem: government organizations were struggling to get fair value for their surplus items when they sold them.

Determined to find a solution, Greg leveraged his IT expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create Municibid, an online platform that has since revolutionized government auctions. His innovative approach not only solved a persistent issue but also transformed the way surplus items are bought and sold in the US and some parts of Canada.

Greg joined me on the show to talk about his journey as well as share what he’s learned along the way.


  • Greg's journey from city councilor to entrepreneur and the challenges he faced.
  • The inefficiencies in government auctions and how Municibid addresses them.
  • The development and scaling of Municibid, including marketing strategies and technological integration.
  • The importance of data analytics in optimizing auction sales and identifying trends.
  • Greg's new venture, Surplus.com, and its potential for global expansion.
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on finding mentors and leveraging life experiences.

Tune in to hear Greg's interersting story and get inspired to tackle your own business challenges! 

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Today's Expert

Greg Berry

Greg Berry is the CEO and founder of Municibid, a revolutionary online platform for government auctions. With a background in IT and a passion for entrepreneurship, Greg has transformed the way surplus items are sold, creating a thriving business that continues to grow and innovate.

Want regular access to tips, techniques and advice from experts about growing your business? Sign up here.

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Trudy Rankin

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Greg Berry:  municibid.com

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