Ep. 199: From Social Worker to Six-Figure Freelance Writer With Lindy Alexander

Tips, strategies and advice from experts for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 



Have you ever thought about turning your personal stories or opinions into a profitable side hustle? Even in a world dominated by AI and shifting economies, if you can string together sentences that get people wanting more, it's absolutely possible. 

In this episode, we're diving deep into the secrets of getting started as a freelance writer with Lindy Alexander, an award-winning freelance travel writer who turned her writing passion into a successful career.

With her rich background that includes social work, sign language interpretation, and a Ph.D., Lindy brings a unique and holistic approach to freelance writing. 

We Also Talked About:

  • How Lindy transitioned from social work to full-time freelance writing.
  • The importance of networking and community in sustaining a freelance writing career.
  • Practical tips for pitching and landing high-paying writing gigs.
  • How to leverage personal essays and opinion pieces to get published quickly.
  • The impact of AI on the writing industry and how to stay relevant.
  • Overcoming mindset blocks and building confidence as a writer.
  • The value of having a diverse portfolio, including both content writing and feature writing.
  • Strategies for managing the business side of freelance writing.

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Today's Expert

Lindy Alexander


Lindy Alexander is an award-winning freelance travel writer and the founder of The Freelancer's Year. With a background in social work, sign language interpretation, and a Ph.D., Lindy offers a unique, holistic approach to freelance writing. She has helped countless people turn their writing dreams into reality.

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