Ep. 27: 1 Simple Thing You Can Do As An Entrepreneur To Improve Your Well Being and Happiness with Maria Failla

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In today’s episode Trudy speaks to Maria Failla, millennial, Broadway actor and entrepreneur.  Maria is passionate about all things plants … not just because they are amazing, but because she wants to help business owners experience the shift in mindset and wellness she has experienced.

Maria started a Podcast called Bloom and Grow Radio as a hobby, which, to her surprise, took off like a plant on growth hormones.  When the pandemic hit and nobody could go to plays, she turned her passion project into a sustainable business.  She even developed a fun (and very useful) quiz that can tell you what plant matches your lifestyle and your personality.


In today’s podcast Trudy and Maria talk about – 

  1. How she developed her quiz for her personality test 
  2. How she developed her email sequence for her listeners 
  3. How you can do something similar for your business 
  4. How taking a break from your screen can do wonders for your wellbeing
  5. Three tips for entrepreneurs new to small business

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

Today's Guests


Maria Failla

After killing plants for too many years, Maria started The Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast, where Maria interview experts in plant care, and learn alongside listeners just like you.

Maria is relentlessly curious and committed to asking the questions many might be nervous to ask – whether grilling scientists about the basics of photosynthesis, or asking a world renowned gardener what mulch is (yes, she did that).




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