Ep. 29: How To Reduce Overwhelm and Get More Done By Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant with Steph Gobraiel

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As a small business owner you have to wear a lot of hats, especially if it’s just you on the team.  That can make it really hard to grow.  There’s just not enough time to do all the things.

If you’ve gotten to the stage where you KNOW you need to get help with some of those tasks, but you’re worried you can’t afford it or you just simply don’t know where to start, then this episode is for you.

In today’s podcast Trudy interviews Steph Gobraiel from Virtual Associate Services.  Steph was one of the first VA’s (virtual assistant’s) to help out with the Online Business Lift-Off Program.  Trudy got her to start with a small project and Steph has been with the Program ever since. 

In this podcast Trudy and Steph talk about – 

  1. Steph’s “why” and motivation for starting her virtual assistant business 
  2. How to find a VA 
  3. Tips and tricks for small businesses when looking to hire a VA
  4. Different avenues to find VAs 
  5. 5 questions a small business owner should ask themselves before hiring a VA 
  6. Being able to let go and giving the VA a chance 
  7. The wealth of experience the VA brings to your business 

      The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

      Today's Guests


      Steph Gobraiel 

      Steph Gobraiel has a background of 15 years in the corporate world and is committed to giving you more time to work on and in your business by providing effective and reliable support.  She provides a variety of services to small and medium businesses that range from online business management support through to executive assistant, project management and client relationship management services 

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