Ep. 31: Why Starting a Podcast Could Be The Best Thing For Your Business Since Sliced Bread with David Perez

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Have you considered starting a Podcast for your business, but aren’t sure about whether it’s worth your time or energy?  Or you don’t know where to start? 


In today’s podcast Trudy interviews David Perez who built a successful business helping people get their podcast episodes ready to publish.  David has his own podcast Audience Coach and he now works with coaches and mentors to help them start their own podcasts.  

In this podcast Trudy and David talk about – 

  1. The advantages & benefits of having a podcast  
  2. The reasons why people don’t start a podcast
  3. Tips to help business owners get over their fears about starting a podcast
  4. Tips to get started with that podcast
  5. What you need to start recording a podcast 
  6. Some of the most popular paid platforms for podcast hosting
  7. A strategy to use when creating your podcast
  8. The importance of having a presence in the podcast world

The transcript for this episode can be found here. 


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Audience Coach Podcast

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Today's Guests

David Perez

David is a podcast producer and creative educator.  He focuses on content creation for e-learning experiences and has extensive experience in course design and content creation, for example, ESL courses, ESP courses and podcasting as an educational tool.


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