Ep. 32: How Challenges Can Help You Grow Your Email List with Zach Spuckler

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Are you working on building up your email list?  And you’re a bit stuck for ideas on how to do that more successfully?  Then today’s podcast episode is for you.

In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Zach Spuckler from Heart, Soul & Hustle.

Zach helps people take their business idea and turn it into a product or packaged up service.  And he loves showing people how to use Challenges as a way to introduce customers to that new product or packaged service.  


In this podcast Trudy and Zach talk about –  

  1. Taking advantage of a bad situation and making it a positive one for business  
  2. The steps to creating a challenge in scaling a business product
  3. The role marketing plays in scaling your products 
  4. Tips on growing your audience 
  5. How making and learning from mistakes is part of the process 
  6. How outsourcing can save you time and money 
  7. When do you start advertising or when should you pay for your leads

    The transcript for this episode can be found here. 


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    Today's Guests


    Zach Spuckler

    Zach teaches online business owners how to get seen, heard and profitable on Periscope and Facebook.  He runs a successful Facebook Ad agency and helps people create products and packaged services that will really help their business scale and grow.

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