Ep. 33: Why Making Google Analytics Your Secret To Success Is A Good Idea with Irene Pollak

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Are you using Google Analytics in your business?  And if you are, are you using it as your secret sauce to help your business get ahead?  Yes?  Then today’s podcast episode is for you.  No?  Then it’s way past time you got started 🙂 because Google Analytics is brilliant at helping you turn numbers into information you can use to grow your business.  

In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Irene Pollak from Rumble Media. 

As a measurement marketer, Irene gives business owners clarity on their business by maximising the value that Google Analytics data brings to strategy building and planning for the future based on the trends. 

To be blunt, Google Analytics gives business owners power, independence, control and freedom.  How?  By making it possible to understand what’s working in your sales funnel and on your website and what’s not.  That’s powerful.

In this podcast Trudy and Irene talk about – 

  1. What is Google Analytics? 
  2. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – the next update in Google
  3. The advantages of embracing GA4
  4. The importance of Google Analytics based on data and trends
  5. Tips for numbers and how to use it (especially if you’re not a numbers person)
  6. How to get started with Analytics – Irene’s resources 
  7. Google Analytics Tips from Irene


The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

Today's Guests


Irene Pollak

Digital marketing is about being strategic and personalised in the way you find, talk and engage the people who need/want what you offer in your business. What Irene helps you do in your business is provide better tracking and reporting so you can make better decisions with your marketing budget.

Irene loves working with businesses that are working towards a better future for their clients and the planet. If your business offers sustainable products,  well made long-lasting products, or offers experiences or online education, Irene can help optimise your funnels so you can find more of the people who love what you do.

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