Ep. 35: How To Write A Business Book That People Will Want To Read With Kath Walters

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Have you ever secretly wanted to write a book?  One that was based on your expertise and experience and would really help people?  A book that people actually wanted to read?

But you didn’t really know how to get started?

In today’s episode you’re going to get some tips on how to begin the process of writing a book.  And the great thing is, with a little careful thought and planning you can start doing it now.  

In this podcast episode, Trudy interviews Kath Walters author and coach. 

Kath Walters, author and coach, will explain exactly what to do and how to structure your thoughts so that you’ll end up with something really worthwhile.

Kath has taken her fourteen years of journalism experience and used it to create a proven framework to help experts create a business book in 90 days.  And she’s helped her clients get their books onto the New York best sellers list.  And those are books people want to read. 

Her first quick tip is that It’s important to start somewhere and a way to get started is to imagine who you want your audience or customer to be and write your content to them. By using this strategy people start to attract whoever you’re speaking to. 

Kath also talks about – 

  1. Your objective and focus area
  2. The Why, What and How of your content
  3. How to turn the Why, What and How content into a book
  4. Tips for creating a book with your existing or planned blog content 
  5. Tips about Editors and what to look for 
  6. How to use a topic generator to come up with ideas


The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

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When you’re an authority, clients come to you. As an authority, you don’t have to sell as hard. The world seeks you out. With me as your book coach, you make that transition from expert to authority happen. You can do it in only 90 days, working through with Kath’s unique framework — proven to put the “author” into “authority”.

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