Ep. 36: On Air Coaching Call - I Help Ged Shirley Figure Out Who His Customers Really Are

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






Do you have a business that you're trying to move online for growth and survival?! Especially in these unknown times with Covid? 

Trudy chats to Gerard (Ged) Shirley today about his extensive experience in successfully starting and growing several small businesses.  Ged has been a business owner his whole adult life, from franchising to venturing out on his own to consulting.

And he knows lots about the speed humps that life throws at you … and he’s learned that you have to be open to changing direction.  Which is exactly what he’s done after hitting one of those speed bumps himself when a challenging health problem turned his life upside down.

As a result, Ged joined the Online Business Lift-Off Business program.  He has tons of real world business experience, but he wanted help with understanding how to set up and implement the online part of it.  

As a result Ged set up Cuppa Catch-up to help other small business owners get set up so that their business will survive long term.   Ged uses his own deep experience to guide his clients through the process of making their businesses rock solid.

Trudy and Ged chat about – 

  1. Ged’s vision and who he wants to help serve 
  2. Ged’s ideal client & Trudy’s feedback 
  3. What social media platform Ged’s audience are and who and where they are, based on statistics
  4. After identifying who his audience are, where are they hanging out? 
  5. The different types of content and what works for your audience – experiments with different methods
  6. Importance of the “know, like and trust factor” in business 
  7. Affiliate link option in small business 
  8. Next steps for Ged


    The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

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    Gerard Shirley  

    For 40 years Ged has been working in small business and due to an illness, his unable to work physically and he didn’t want to just sit around so he decided to share my experiences by setting up CUPPA CATCHUP.

    Down to earth, bite-sized practical advice to help improve your small business in the time it takes to drink a “CUPPA”

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