Ep. 38: Tips On How To Become A Community Manager With Jillian Benbow
(Part 2)

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In part two of our podcast Trudy continues the conversation with Jillian Benbow, community manager from SPI Pro, about three things that people can do to position themselves to get a job as a community manager, the different types of communities which require different management styles and tips on being a successful community manager. 

Jillian provides tips on getting started on your journey to becoming a community manager.  Tips like … the first thing to do is join a community.  Pay attention to the community culture and get a feel for what the environment is like.  

Perhaps not surprisingly, event management or planning experience can make it easier to get into and be successful at community management.  

And to help you get started, Jillian has very graciously shared a set of questions you can use to create guidelines for your community.  The link is in the resources section below.

         The transcript for this episode can be found here. 

        Today's Guests


        Jillian Benbow  

        Mission driven. A creative in a metrics focused world. Jillian grows consumer trust and experience through community programming. Operationalizing and streamlining programs is what Jillian loves to do. Jillian strengthens and improves your community together.

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