Ep. 44: How a Lawyer Can Help Your Business Get Ahead With Noel Bagwell

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Noel Bagwell, founder of ExecutiveLP, calls himself an entrepreneur first, then a lawyer second.  Noel is a preventative lawyer, which is a lawyer who takes a forward looking approach to business … kind of like a holistic health-focused GP tries to do for their patients. 

Noel used to be a litigation lawyer, but after seeing many of the problems that small-to-medium-sized businesses were faced with, he decided that he wanted to help them BEFORE it was too late.  

All of that knowledge gained as a litigation lawyer has come in handy, especially with regard to his focus on prevention. His legal practice isn’t industry specific, but can be used by businesses across a range of industries.

Having grown up in a military community, Noel has spent a lot of time giving back.  He talks with veterans and their families at monthly events and does pro bono work for the veteran community.  That pro bono work has helped lay the groundwork for his business and given him the materials to write his book, “How To Structure Your Business For Success”.

Trudy and Noel talk about – 

  1. Noel helps business owners understand what the “right lawyer for your business” means
  2. Is the lawyer the right fit for your business, capability, affordability, accessibility and accountability?
  3. Chemistry – Be sure they are someone who can give you what you need and are someone you want to talk to 
  4. Noel’s taken a different approach to traditional lawyers billing on a hourly rate.  Instead, he has moved to a subscription-based service – which gives more freedom to small/medium business owners 
  5. Why it’s possible to negotiate rates and terms of agreement with lawyers
  6. One of Noel’s service examples and how that can benefit the customer 
  7. Three examples of things small business owners should be paying attention to, but they aren’t – creating value, using a lawyer to reduce stress and grow their team, pre-empting legal risk – legal blindspots 
  8. The Profit from Legal Program – Noel’s Program – which is a 6 month development program for small businesses.  Over the 6 months small business owners learn how to use legal services to be more profitable, add more value, changing your mindset to think like a lawyer in order to help your business get ahead 
  9. One piece of advice Noel would give himself when starting out – prolific beats perfect – every time


The transcript for this episode can be found here.

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Noel Bagwell 

Noel founded ExecutiveLP® an innovative virtual law firm known for delivering profitable, preventive legal support to small businesses. In particular Profit from Legal™, exclusively available from ExecutiveLP, helps businesses establish positive ROI from legal support.


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