Ep. 46: How To Work Smarter, Not Harder So Your Business Can Grow With Peter Liston

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






Peter served for 12 years in the Military as a logistics officer.  He had always had ideas for starting a business, but never done it.  It wasn’t until he spent time in Afghanistan that he realised it was time to change his career direction. 

Peter had always had a passion for small business and after leaving the military, set up a couple of them before landing on the idea for his current business, “Trust The Process”.  The first business he started was putting window locks on buildings because a law in NSW was passed that all windows had to have locks, as simple as that.  

But he quickly realised that unending grind gets you nowhere.  It’s only by figuring out how to stop the grind that a business can really get ahead.  In order for that to happen, people need to think differently.  By thinking differently and by systemising problems, you can let those problems go.  

And that’s how Trust The Process was born. 

Trudy and Peter talk about – 

  1. Stop grinding – Invest the time to systemise 
  2. Only do two things as a business owner – Do the things you love & only the things you can do and delegate the rest
  3. The power of delegation – How to delegate via the outcome, conditions and control 
  4.  Trust the Process – Systemise, 
  5. Leakage – Can happen in different stages or touch points with the customers 
  6. 4 Steps to Sales Process – Find someone that’s interested, nurture them, meet face to face & follow up
  7. Create different stages of the journey – a simple way to do that is use Excel or Trello 
  8. One thing small businesses should use – CRM, use it to automate, not replace the relationship (Hubspot/ Active Campaign) 
  9. CRMS can automate – Tasks, messaging & delegation 
  10. Three types of tempo – Can I do that task quicker, how quickly can we transition between two tasks, what’s the speed of decision making
  11. Be great at the basics and lay out the path – give yourself the opportunity to have a win every day. 



    The transcript for this episode can be found here.

    Today's Guests


    Peter Liston 

    Peter brings military precision to small business.  Learn to delegate with control and trust to work in your highest space.  Build a system to run your business, then you run your system.  Don’t just get a CRM, get one that works for you.  Use Virtual Assistants to reduce your admin.  Fall in love with your business again.

    Trust the Process.


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