Ep. 47: How To Be Brave And Go From The Corporate World To The Small Business World With Hans van Weerd

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Like many people, Hans van Weerd, took the long way around before starting his entrepreneurial journey as a small business owner.  Hans started his working career as a biologist and his subsequent work as a consultant took him around the world.  After a stint of teaching, Hans spent the next twenty years in Amsterdam working as a Marine Biologist.  It was that role, which then brought him and his wife to Australia, where he joined the Melbourne Zoo as an executive.

And then it happened.  Hans and all of  his executive level colleagues were made redundant due to a restructure and that’s when his career hit a crossroads. 

As he thought about what to do next, Hans realised that he’d already done it all in his long standing career.  There wasn’t any challenge left.  But he was keen to pursue his passion for art.  It was about that time that he came across the Online Business Lift-Off Program. 

Hans decided to take his long-standing skill and passion for art and use it as the basis for his new business.   

These days, Hans captures moments in people’s lives before they’re gone … whether  children, parents, pets … anything that matters to people and he also runs art workshops.   

Trudy and Hans talk about – 

  1. Han’s transition between the corporate world and the world of small business.  How structure is important, as is realising your strengths and not be afraid of them, be aware of your weaknesses, being willing to invest time and money into your business i.e. outsourcing, support of loved ones and the support available in the Online Business Lift-Off community. 
  2. Han’s advice on your passion and how to move forward with it
  3. How it can take awhile to find the direction your business will take and how confidence comes – the ‘crystal clarity’ in business & the instrumental role the Online Business Lift-Off Program played in helping Hans get crystal clear about his direction.
  4. What to be aware of going from the corporate world to a small business owner – articulate what you’re offering, show your confidence and knowing who you are as a business owner
  5. Future goals for Hans – Getting past the struggle of having to do everything on your own and then being able to outsource.

    The transcript for this episode can be found here.

    Today's Guests


    Hans van Weerd

    Hans is a Melbourne-based contemporary visual artist. Hans sketches, draws and paints.  He specialises in portraits, in all media, from charcoal sketches on paper to detailed oil paintings on canvas, capturing not only a true likeness, but also the sitter’s emotion and mood.  Portraits as timeless works of art,  in any technique and with any medium.



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