Ep. 48: Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back? Help Is On The Way With Katrina Streatfield

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Katrina joined us in a previous podcast episode that was about Imposter Syndrome. https://onlinebusinessliftoff.com/project/ep-42-5-tips-for-dealing-with-imposter-syndrome-with-katrina-streatfeild/ 

Today Katrina joins us to talk about self-limiting beliefs and meeting our potential.


Self-limiting beliefs are there because the goal or what people face has an unknown and it’s sometimes more about the fear of success rather than failure. This then becomes a safety mechanism and understanding that pushing through self-limiting beliefs that it’s normal to feel anxious, uncomfortable and any other emotion.

It’s also a biological reaction, the body and brain switches on the emotions, adrenaline and being aware of it by the signs can really help. Sharing this with your support network and having them provide feedback can reinforce what’s happening. Once this is done you can then sit down and think about where this is coming from in your history, were you told you were a shy kid growing up and that’s the reason why you don’t think you’re good at sales?

It’s important to reflect when you’re in a good and safe space. When you know why then it’s important to think about whether this is true, is it as bad as I think it is? Who can I ask to help me?

Trudy and Katrina talk about –

  1. What’s the evidence that matches the limiting beliefs
  2. How do I brainstorm and what creative options are there?
  3. Exposure Hierarchy – Breaking down a big goal into sizable chunks
  4. Window of tolerance –
  5. Acknowledging society’s expectations and the role it plays and what it’s really about
  6. Everyone’s definition of success and what it means to you
  7. Failure doesn’t exist as absolute – it’s more about where we’re at
  8. Growth Mindset – No matter how bad something is it’s always a learning opportunity, even if you’re defined it as failure
  9. It’s uncomfortable to learn – it’s a discomfort of not knowing and that’s part of the process
  10. Having a growth mindset is hard work and ongoing – it’s a choice and being ok with not knowing/discomfort

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Katrina Streatfield

Katrina helps individuals, families and communities move towards understanding and improving mental health and wellbeing. She brings over 25 years’ experience across the spectrum of assessment and intervention for impacts of stress, trauma and mental health disorders, family and parenting work and supervision of psychology trainees and registrars. Katrina has founded two regional psychology clinics and worked or consulted in NFP, corporate and government spaces.




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